Tailor made love of that in Him…swim!!

I have not posted for a couple days. Not my per usual self. God kinda put this glaring yellow flashing yeild sign up in my life. Ugh (sigh). Yep that kind of a pressing matter.

 4 years to the day since landing in Spokane after the fall out of what was my life of 21 years, God says here ya go Lisa. So for my readers I am still here. Just on my face in prayer, sorting, sifting, and processing my new found revelations. 

So when I saw the prompt today was tailor. All I could think of was God, and my relationship with Him. How perfectly tailored it is to me. So specific in every regard. He knows me better than I know myself. There is no greater love known to man than that of my tailor made love of that of Jesus. His love fits me like a glove. We are the perfect square of a Rubik’s Cube, and all the colors match up always. 

He brings these storm surges in my life, and says here ya go Lisa. Sink or swim. I am your life line, we can walk on these waters hand in hand. So I stand up tall with my new found heavy heart, and I will see it through with my tailor made perfect love of that of Jesus. He will help me walk brave, tall, and not cower in despair. 

So I am still here. Just got lots of sorting to do. God is making me a beautifully tailored outfit as I am writing to slip into for today. How great a love is that in Him. The one that taught me how to live sober, and swim. He took my very broken wings, and gave me flight. One is a tad bent, but not beyond repair. For I am strong in Him. I need to go now, got to swim…

Blessings WP friends. God is greater than all of this. 

Word Prompt: Tailor