I choose to swim…

Been going through a lot, my heart still bares threads. Torn to shreds. I start over yet, AGAIN!
I am not poor

I am not shabby

Jesus is my caddy

I am not inferior, or low quality

Jesus is superior

I can’t change the status of my life, I have a new name. Scratch wife

I am not subpar

I am not second rate

Jesus is written on my hearts slate

So when you look at my page, and see I am now Lisa M. O’Day, all is okay

I am back to write, because I know no matter the goings on in my life I am not substandard

I will rise above yet another test that God has given me, my plea is that I swim and not sink 

Hey I know I am not too shabby, just another journey to walk. Not just talk

A new road road now unfolds, imperfect yep. God makes up the difference, substandard not with Jesus as my right hand man. For with Him I will stand

Time to swim, catch my breath. Tread the water I used to sink

Watch me take flight, as Eagles soar for Jesus I adore through all the tribulations. This will not get under my skin. Sink or Swim. 

I choose swim until the very end…  

Word Prompt: Substandard