Click, click, round, round, “Lord I hate this sound!”…

As my body lays prostrate on the cold sterile table. Lay still they say pushing that button that moves me into the chamber

Click, click, round, round, lay real still now. We need to get good images

Breathing deep as I am a tad claustrophobic (okay a lot). Encased in this nerve racking machine (pun intended)

No coffee in my body, shampoo in my hair, and not a scent on my body. I pray you are all spared (no deodorant too ewe)

My vulnerability as I lay their in gown with some of my body not covered. Health issues rage within my body 

Prayers quietly unto the Lord, let the noises above be not even heard. May I drift off into a dreamland

A few images without contrast, then IV in place. Icky I really hate this stuff. The warm surge through my body. It is an instant anxiety boost 

Not today Lord, be right there with me. Robe me in your warmth Lord, and may my anxieties disappear

Doctors are my least favorite people. I am always nice, but I always think twice about canceling the appointment. Husband loves me so he says he is making me go. Pish posh…he loves me ❤yet he says I must go what a blow💏

Psh!! So here is to one more go round in that tube injected with contrast. Let me smile, even though I want to punch them (kidding or am I)

Lord relieve me this very minute of everything that riddles my heart. Panicked! I lay it all at your feet, and when I enter that tunnel let it all dwindle away…

An hour and a half is a long time, let it seem as only minutes have passed when they say okay you’re done🕐, and I can leave praising you the son

May the click, click, round, round actually be of that of a reliveing sound, this is now what I pray as I am on my way…wait is to late to cancel (kidding) *sigh*

I cast all my cares upon You
I lay all of y burdens
Down at Your feet
And any time I don’t know what to do
I will cast all my cares upon You

Word Prompt: Relieved