Let me take blossom wherever you may place me as potted…

The day I said yes to you Lord, swaddled at the cross 

Fervent I grow, bringing new seeds to water. Replanted you are my botanist 

Placed with the best of fertilizer, and fresh sprung waters, new shoots spring forth. Appendages, and fresh green leaf. Water seeps deep into my roots. Your miracle grow has taken hold. Pestgilence left with your hands of my repotting 

I am set within the proper light. Daily kept from mossy mold taking hold. Plucked, and kept pruned

All this for you my maker the botanist is to take measure. Pleasure in the blossoms that come from within in. Claiming victory you brought back another planted life from disease it was struck within 

Blossom, let me take blossom wherever you may place me as potted

2 Corinthians 2:14

Thanks be to God who . . . through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place

Photo Credit me; This Cactus flower was given to me by my husband Aaron. Named her Cleo, 8 months of marriage. We celebrate monthly with cards. He got me a plant, and shouldn’t have. Although very sweet! We are sappy (pun intended). ❤💏☝ 

Word Prompt: Blossom