Welcome; To my Garden. Enter with ease. Grab some coffee, and a blanket. I hope you stay awhile. You will not overstay your welcome. Grace will be found here. For here is, Plucked from the decomposing garden; unveiled allegories by Lisa Ralph. 


A hand, the sky and a God so much bigger than I…

As I begin you will read all that exposed me, and made me look up! I looked up, and raised my hand up from the mire. I extended my hand, as my body was buried under shame, and self affliction. I looked to the heavens, and to my God who was stronger than I. My frailty was no longer a match for this world. I was crushed by the rock that was higher than I. The rock fell on me breaking my very being. I caught a glimpse of the beautiful sky, and God said, “Lisa I am here”. So here is where I began. A hand, the sky and a God so much bigger than I.

You will find many ways I express myself in my writing. Writing styles you will find here are Non-fiction Empathetic, Poetic, Inspirational, and Chatty too. I am not a photographer by any means, but I do share the ones that are allusive with my writing. I hope you enjoy my blog. I am an author, and am muti-faceted in my articulations of self.