Goofy is, as goofy does. New me…

Extrovert by nature, I don’t need the bottle to articulate. I am just a happy go lucky person, and the grass is greener where I now reside. No need to hide 

Was scared to be sober. Felt booze was always in order. Needed it so I thought, I actually am better without a drop. Goofy I am, and even goofier as sober I stay

I am outgoing, and bubbly it just secretes from within naturally. God has rescued, and revived me in the clarity I have daily. I am a better person dry

I am not in need of that toxic waste, it fooled me into thinking I was better off with its vibrance seeping from within. No need to wet my soul with the bottle of old

For today is yet another day goofy, and authenticity reigns. I do not have to fake it to barely make it. I am alive, and free without that dreaded bottle to cling

Extreme has always been my person, for I am an alcoholic. We thrive off of drama, and chaotic ruins we wade in. The differance is with my Lord and Saviour, I don’t have to dwelve there 

Held captive no more, goofy is as goofy does. Laughter is my new step. I lept into the arms of my gracious Father. For there I find sobriety, one day at a time. Sober fun is easy, less dramatized too. I long since changed my shoes, and was made brand new

Bid the bottle adieu, and dry I will stay yet another day. Less complicated is this barren land. Free of muddy tear stained puddles, made by me. Thank you Jesus for setting me free!!

Free to commuicate without sloppy, slurring words. Absurdity no more. Goofy I adore! Sober is me!

Daily Word Prompt: Express

Stars and stripes forever…

Happy Independence Day America, Stars and Stripes forever. Besty Ross you were clever. Your story my favorite by far back in grade school. You stitched the first flag with that of your hands with great pride
One country under God, I hold proud to. Yes we all have political views. Bashing our leader who took the oval office. I can not take part in the political jargon. At face value, it takes away from our sea to shining seas. For God will forever reign over our land, in this truth I stand 

So I hold my head up high no matter who takes oval office. I am an American through and through. We are from the home of the free, and the brave. We have more freedom than most do. Yet all you hear is grumbling all day through. Bashing, and talking bad about America, and its leaders. The land we should all be proud of. This land was made for you and me 

I hold on to my stars and stripes this day. Very Proud to say, Happy Independence Day. If we are not independent who do we have to point the finger at, only ourselves. Because this land was founded on “In God We Trust”…Give back the allegiance do. No taking God out of our Country or schools. For He made this land for you and me, we should all be on bended knee

“In God We Trust, America the Beautiful, One Nation Under God, From Sea to Shining Sea.” This land was made for YOU and ME!

Huge Camera Giveaway, DV100 you too could win!!

Camera Give Away Contest. Phil @ Life Plan explains here; if you would like to enter go to Phil’s site the camera entry is there. Tell Phil why you want this beautiful camera, how it would change your life. 📷. Good luck!! 

Every moment has a value. Every day has it’s own quality. Every place has a different story. Every trip has a HISTORY. Combine everything you read above and I am sure that you have got only a thing in your mind. Every moment, day ,place and travel must be captured!

I have traveled a lot and I have to give you a suggestion. You should always carry a camera with you., from your daily walks, to the travel of your dreams. Phones nowdays are able to capture nice photos, but nothing compares the feeling and the quality of a real camera to your hands.

That’s what Pruveeo is dreaming. A better photography world, in which everyone can captures  friends, travels, family and the proudest moments through Pruveeo‘s photographic lenses. To me this is a real dream and I am willing to support them.

Camera Giveaway

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As you realize it is no just a camera, it is a dream which is about to come true.


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I want to thank Pruveoo for giving me the  chance to support them and give to you, my friends, that amazing gift.

3 awards, wow! I have not forgot ✌ 

I have 3 awards that I do need to work on (so humbled). I have not forgot about all you awesome people in thought of nominating me for these great awards. I have been up to my knees in cement, as my husband and I are in the preparation for the sale of our home. As soon as I get some time to put some real thought into these they will be completed. 

I know you are thinking WOW they know how to kick it on Memorial Day weekend. Heck ya, we be coo’ like dat’….knee deep in concrete, and masks to protect us from the mold surrounding us. Our basement suffered greatly from this harsh P.N.W. winter. We sucked up more than I have drank in my lifetime. See told you we know how to have fun around here. You know you are jealous!! 😝

With all this said, now to go assist in the yard as my beared man mows, and I clean up as he goes. 

Happy Memorial Day to you all, and soon I will be in thought on my award writes. ✌Lisa