My morning cup o’ brew…mmm ☕

I have been a coffee conisuer since my arrival out of the womb some 43 years ago ( well not really). Hey it was fun to say, and it feels about right. 

There is nothing like that first pot of morning brew. The fresh grounds permeating the whole house. Drip, Drip, drizzle, drizzle, down into the craft it goes. 

My first Cup of Joe rarin to go, oh come on too slow!! Coffee is a part of my everyday. It is the peanut butter to my jelly, and my mac to cheese. Yes please!! For me there has never been such a thing as a day without COFFEE. I would scoff at such a thing.  

My cups sits waiting, and I have an assortment of cups. All part of who I am. I take this oh so seriously. Try and mess with this routine, and may not be all to keen on you😄. It is my morning do☕. Not a lot of words are spoken until the warmth of my cups sweet of divinty splashes upon my mouth. 

It marinates immediately. The smell coming from the heat up into nose with my first sip (mmm good)! 

Light, Medium, and Dark too. My son, and daughter are both barista’s. My gifts are always a bag, of the best smelling grounds. Usually a pound, which should last me a tad bit longer than it does. That though I will not ponder too long, as I drink it all day through. PSH!

Fresh we like it fresh, stale will not do. Nothing like having hubby walk in from work with a fresh pot brewing for his sniff. Drip, Drip, drizzle, drizzle down into the craft if goes. 

There is no agruement here, and no beg to differ. This is just the way it is. I can’t get enough of the lingering scent of that which comes from my fresh pot o’ coffee. 

A myriad of cups, and pictures strewn about in proof that this is a real love affair, this is no tall tale. If you do not know of this grandious scent, then I feel a tad sad for you. I must bid you all do, for my cup of brew sits here waiting….yeah my little taste of heaven on earth. Cheers!!

SOCS Prompt:smell

The skies Pallete of only your hand gentle in its sweep of colors neat.

Photo Credit Lisa Ralph; Spokane Wa. What lies behind the trees of Dwight Merkel Park. A loop for walking/biking the earth. This was taken on my nightly stroll. Overlooking Riverside State Park. Obsessed by skylines, and all the treasure that lies above the cloud line

All day through a multitude of your hand crafted collections, canvased skies, mountains high, and seas that cry with waves of crashing blue. Given to me in reminder of my maker.

I look up and see the luminise sky, a palette so tasteful no words can describe. All day given to me as a reminder of my maker. 

All of you Lord wants all of me, so I may have a life graciously lacking for nothing. 

Socs: All and Nothing Thinking