Be careful what you pray for…😂. 

My son prayed for months every single night for a limousine, and sheep (yeah sheep kind of an odd prayer). I kid you not about 3 months after his continual prayer a super stretch limo pulled up in the round about out in front of our apt complex. My phone rang while in my hands, it was my then husband. Look out window he said. What the…it was white with tinted windows and it was a superstrech at that. He found this amusing as this was now are “family vehicle”. Bullet Hole decals in all its Glory. Lordy, Lordy! I would not have been surprised to have walked down, and find it full with sheep. 

I told Eli to stop praying for such things. At first the kids were excited, it had purple velvet with L.E.D lights, a booming sound system, t.v., and could be equipped with any entertainment game system. Did I forget to mention the bar, oh yeah it had a bar. 

This limo screamed tacky. It was the worst purchase he had made yet. I still was in shock that the title read our names. No way I could drive it, the length alone would be a nightmare with my lack depth perception.  

So here are some very legit reasons besides the obvious a family should NEVER own limo..Unless you want to be a rapper. 🎧🎤

  1. Your kid gets asked if he is famous as he is dropped of at middle school, embarrassed to tell people that is his family car
  2. Your daughter gets hauled inside by the High School security guard. He proceeded to ask her who the man in the Fedora is that drives her to school in a limo. I mean really a Fedora, of course it was her pimp (I mean dad). He thought he was looser drug dealer. Wow! We made quite the impression. 
  3. Dad leaves on a film shoot to Israel in the middle of winter, mom can’t drive it unless she wants vehicular homicide on her record. 
  4. When traveling across the United States (which yes we did) it breaks down on a Mountian pass. Triple A comes to our aide claiming they can’t help, it is too long to go behind or on one of their trucks. Oh Crap!!
  5. When driving through small towns with a low clearance vehicle, and you cross over a rail rode tie leaving chunks of the car behind. Then having to Jimmy Rig it as know one in town knows what’s up. 
  6. Your daughter is so embarrassed to be picked up in it she makes you park blocks away from her school. Even passing by without acknowledgment until her friends are long gone. 
  7. Forget about going anywhere. Parking what is that? 
  8. People honk, point, laugh, give the thumbs up. 👍ay! We are cool (not)!!
  9. The embarrassment when we do find a place we can go and instead of a Homecoming parade of girls trailing from behind the door it is a family of 4.

 I think after all this was said, and done and we see it every now again around town making the prom pick up’s. I would rather own sheep. So what is the lesson learned? Be careful what you pray for😂! It is funny, yet depressing my kids do not tell this story. I almost deleted the picture, but where would the fun be in that!! 

100 followers, and a humble thank you!! 

I am not sure the proper etiquette within the blogging world. So with bowing I am, in seek of a humble thank you!! 100 followers my sight has seen. I sought out to write in the telling of my story just 5 weeks in. My face grinning from ear to ear. 😀 

I have found healing daily, and warmth within this Learning from other writer’s, and taking in all the sights. It is not about how many follow, but it helps to know people are reading. Someone said in here, write for you! Followers they come, and go. That person is very well spoken, and not to mention right. I write for me, and if you happen to fall into something you like; awesome! Thank you again! I am just beginning to break through the core, of what makes me a writer. Learning my strengths, as well as weaknesses. Drawing upon both. Yay, yippee, hooray, I reached 100 followers today! 

Peace out ✌, Lisa Ralph

P.S. Keep reading because I am going to keep writing!! 

Bucket it baby…

My sober bucket it list. The problem you see in the making a bucket list when your not sober is you misplace the bucket, fill it with alcohol for consumption, or have no recollection of what you put in it in the first place. So if on this bucket list is to zip line, do you really think a drunk should zip line? It would make for quite a sight I am sure. I never had the ambition for a bucket list as a drunk. Too tiring to think about a bucket, let alone a list. My list was; what time my last drink was. Was it time to top myself off yet? So I have dreams, aspirations, and I by golly I got myself a “bucket it list”! Some have come to pass, some are still in the making. So here ya go; Lisa M. Ralph SOBER “bucket it list”.

  1. Go back to school ✅
  2. Learn to Snowboard✅
  3. Mountian Bike like a betty✅
  4. Hike every trail around the P.N.W✅ well just about
  5. Marry the love of my life✅
  6. Own a Unicorn (totally kidding) 
  7. Own 20 acres of land, and build our log home, where the deer and moose feed right off our back porch (wrap around of course) and I hike and ride my own property
  8. Go on a vacation on private island built for 2
  9. Write a book 
  10. Go to Coxen Hole (fun with words😜, but its real) it is in Hondouras saw it on House Hunters International. 
  11. Become rich and famous (not really) never cared too much about money. It helps to be able to pay bills
  12. own a dirt bike 120 to start of with, and go from there
  13. Learn to do a pop-a-wheely on my mountain bike

The picture above is one of the days I went to Mount Spokane Ski/Snowboard Park, I learned to ride the crap out of my snowboard. I had sweet Flow bindings, with Merrell boots. A ski coat I was given for working the Portland Ski Expo (with a price tag I choked at the sight of). I had a Uvex helmet, and sported a Ride board. I took lessons, my 42 year old self could carve that hill. I learned my edges, and I loved zig-zagging my way through the maze of fallen people. I was like oh yeah baby I got this. I did it! Sober is snowboarding, college, Mountain Biking, and hiking too. It also landed me the best of a man to settle down with. It allowed me back my son! So long drunk boring days and sucky haze. What is next? 

Bring it on Sober. I am ready to dance…Sober is so much more fun! Yeah baby!! Let’s dance 💃

A quick glimpse of little ol’ you! My fav. yet :)

Falling to pieces with the glimpse of your face a silhouette is all you are, but yet you have the beauty of a falling star

I can’t see you

I can’t touch you 

I can’t hear your sweet voice

I can’t get my brain to shut down from this deep saddness. You were my first born. You make fun of your new born picture. For you were a little peculiar sight. So darn cute! You were slightly beaten up down to the path of light. A bruised nose, and concave head gave you just that alien edge. You were not in want for joining this world. A vacuum was next in seek for your head, but finally a cry from little ol’ you. 

Tiny hands that gripped my thumb. You made your daddy and I cry. You had a hard time feeding. You cried a lot. I cried with you. We were both young. You young to life, and me to motherhood. I was a nervous wreck. To be a mother I had to do everything right. Under spectacles eyes from all different places. Tentacles trying to show me the ropes. You’re not holding her head right, you’re not relaxed enough. Hmm, I wonder why?!? Gasp!!

For I would not be a mother if I did not reminisce the day of your birth. You were so stubborn to come out, and that followed you well. Strong willed, yet goofy Brie. 

You loved playing dress up, which suited you well. As you might as well have been a make up artist or special effects make up artist too. That time you made Eli look just like Edward Cullen, he won first place. Well deserved too. Halloween was your favorite holiday. For that was the time your hands so gifted let all their talents show. It came so easy for you to make someone’s face into its own mask. 

You are so intelligent, and I see the writer in you as well. Just little burps of magic in the words on your Twitter. You probably think I never want to be like my mother. 

Well we are more alike than we are different. 16, and you were working your first customer service job. Bubbling over with conversations. That is all me, your dad is quiet as a mouse. Mumbling, an ears strain to hear what he is saying. You like sports I see? He never played a sport a day in his life, let alone watched them. So again we are much more alike than you know. 

If I was there I would take you to Miami (as I saw you wish to go) to watch the Seahawks wipe them off the field. For we (you do to) bleed blue and green. Hawks fan girls we are. I meant to buy you a Hawks hoodie. Born right here, and schooled too. We are mother and daughter nothing can change that. 

I can’t see you 

I can’t touch you 

I can’t see your sweet voice 

Falling to pieces with the glimpse of your face a silhouette is all you are, but yet you have the beauty of a falling star

I took flight in this cloud over head, they alloted for just one person. So when you look up in amazement at the days Skyship. Know it is me passing over head to catch just a quick glimpse of little ol’ you….Imagination does much for the soul. All in a write I can let go, and a smile is put back on my face. Now who is the alien me or you? I love you sweet Brie, we have shared so many laughs. So look up, I am flying over in snatch of a quick glimpse of little ol’ you! 

Yo, Vacay my way! 

Ring, buzz, hum, and vibrate my phone has been set ablaze. It appears as if I am someone famous now (not really just always wanted to say that, and I like the way it sounds). I just recently posted to WordPress. Ring, buzz, hum, and vibrate.

It has been exhilarating in my writing release. Like a recess that never got let back in for the daily lesson. Waiting for a like, and maybe a comment or two. Oh wow new followers now that will do. Instant approval upon blog start up. People like my stuff (yay)! We all are desire to be liked, for this I know I am right. Ring, buzz, hum, and vibrate. 

I love reading all the great authors’, and being a fan of their latest work. I marvel at the vast writing styles, the page I can scroll for miles. I have a few I admire closely, as they are an inspirational delight. My phone has indeed been set on fire. Ring, buzz, hum, and vibrate. 

I have posted daily sometimes more than once. My phone is in constant noise. No matter where I am. Bam, bam, bam!  If I set my phone on silent I may miss my son call. That would not be very mindful. So with my age, and life comes wisdom. I have learned to pick my battles. My husband is my number one fan, he gets the privilege of hearing all I write. He would never want, or ask me to stop. He knows how much writing is a part of me. Ring, buzz, hum, and vibrate. 

With that said we only have two days respite. Two days for only us, with not a single other fuss. As he has heard my phone go crazy, I see him quietly withdraw. For my attention is else where. It is just two days. They go bye so fast, and then before I know we are on repeat. All the things I could miss, if I don’t too take a respite. Who wants to snuggle a phone, and its drone. I believe he would rather that be just me. Who wants to talk to someone who has one ear in, and one ear out of a conversation. Not me that is for sure. So for two days I am going to take pleasure in my everlasting approval of a man whom adores me, likes, comments, and follows. I get it all wrapped up in one. I would be stupid not to rid of the ring, buzz, hum, and vibrate. Oh how I could play on words…I will spare you all, married and madly in love. Thanking God from above, for this I will be smart. Not naive to the fact we all have our things. He is not into the ring, buzz, hum and vibrate.   

So for two days a week I shall not peak, I will be back to take awe in all my choice authors’. I will be in wait to post, and have my phone made alive from inside. I will scroll, so I too can like, comment, and follow the new. I get off when is he back to work. Ring, buzz, hum, and vibrate. 

A writers delight to be liked a little.

Alas two days with my love; No ring, buzz, hum, or…omitted the last word(😱).  Goodbye farewell, well not until later today though. So I will keep reading until I can not anymore until the final score. Ring buzz, hum, and vibrate.    

“Tall Tale” or is it…

There was a young strikingly beautiful peasant girl her skin like a porcelain doll. Some would giggle as she walked through the small villiage of Cheney claiming her to have been given over to the darkness of vampires, her skin so drab in color. Her only entertainment was found in those vampire tales. So she walked the village in cloak jumping around corners to startle the little kids from playing. Snickering, in delight of their fright, and high pitched squeals. They could not scamper from her fast enough. “Vampire”, she thought, “oh the tall tales”. 

She was poor, her clothes tattered beyond a stitch. Yet she had not want for only love. For her heart was as soft as butter, the butter she churned all night. She, and mama baked all day for the boys after turning in a long days work. 

Her mind often wondering in the monotony, “oh love why hath love not come thy way”? “Shall I ever be stolen by a a love that is more vast than thy sky with all the stars on the most clear night”? Oh the sweet nectar of a whisper in thine ear, I love thee is all she longed to hear. Her soul parched from the lack there of.

The village was all she knew. Mama always said there was nothing she needed outside the village walls. A great plight indeed. If mama could only wish her God speed, and send her out for some sort of treasure beyond the village gates. 

Her curiosity had her plot her flee to the village gate. She would leave in the thick of the night, to return home upon the sun light. She churned butter as if they had run out, so her absense would not be noted. There was a sincere passion for what waited her beyond the gates, for she doth make haste.  

As the day drew dim, she grabbed her satchel and made way. With every step closer, beginning to skip with step. Her heart was beating fast, she was stealthy none the less as to not be faced with protest in her desire for what lied ahead. 

The gates creek from the rusty hinges were enough to wake the rooster before dawn. She opened it just enough to wiggle her way through. Just beyond the village gate the earth felt different beneath her feet. Soft, subtle with so much to be desired. She began to tire, so she found a tree. She snuggled her skirt tightly around her, and took comfort in the billows of grass. Alas she was free, she had no idea what was to be. 

She was awakened by the sound of hooves. With just enough of morning to make out the magnificent sight, the prance of a white steed. Its rider so gallant, as he drew nearer. He was so handsome, and his smile was warm. She stood up so fast with elation she almost fell from her misstep. She unraveled her skirt, and frantically straightend her hair. Oh my she thought, “I am so undone”.  “He is perfect”! She had seen no human so dignified, and proper as he. Whom was he? What was he? 

Closer he drew upon her stance under the tree. She was now so in awe, and know her mouth dropped open. As he was now right there in all his majesty, his words “good day my fair lady”, what finds such beauty as thee out here on such a crisp morning as this”? “I do not believe I had the pleasure of us ever meeting”. He extended his hand to hers, with a gaze that raptured her heart. “I my fair maiden am prince A-Ron”, and whom do I have the pleasure of likes in you”? “I-I” stumbling over her words. She believed with every breath were the butterflies that begot her anxious stomach. Ragaining her composure she stated in a meek voice, I am Lisia”. “I come from the village yonder, I came in seek for what I have never seen”. 

Laughter from both as their eyes met. Transfixed in their wonder. His horse was now at rest, and he leaned down closer to her. He reached out, to grab her hand. He proclaimed “as I have come upon the fairest lady in all the land I would be a fool to not grab her to ride with me”. “For I am in want of the most beautiful peasant girl, take my hand we shall ride off into never-never land”. “You will be made my wife, Princess Lisia”.  How could she deny such a request, for she longed for love. Alas they rode as her new castle dwelling drew near. Her love was now bequeathed to a Prince. 

She never was seen in her village again, and they did indeed live Happily Ever After. From peasant to princess in that of a glance. 

Oh a tall tale maybe. Though yesterday marked one year to the day I met my Aaron. Noble, loyal, sincere, kind, and treats me like a princess. He is my prince that did come galloping up, in steal of my heart. It did start with a glance, and “God saying it starts and stops with him”. We were in the deli sharing a laugh amongst co-workers. “I was like okay I barely know this dude”. Also though I was never one to ignore the words of my God. So I began to investagete a little. Not a lot, I knew what I was to do. It began with a glance, exchange of phone numbers(me the pursuant), and a date at Fish Lake. Honestly the rest is history. We were married 5 1/2 months later. For when you know it is God, and know it right, it is right. As cliche as it may sound, I found my happily ever after/forever always! Aaron & Lisa sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. 

And we are living Happily ever after…

Husband and Wife, Best Friends, and the love of our lives…

In Adidas Tri-Colored Track suits, Samba’s, and each a Seahawk Hat we went and took the plunge that resonated our hearts. “I do”!!

Matthew 19:6 

What therefore God has joined together let no man seperate.

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I wanna be a Super Hero…

As I was just made aware of today being National Super Hero Day, I had to participate. 

Why my favorite super hero is “I am Groot”

1. He just so darn cute!

2. He is of few words with a giant heart/root. 

My 43rd Bithday, my son knows me well. 🎁

Our puppy “Groot“! 🐶

Also in our phones we have the date set for Gaurdians of The Galaxy 2. May 5th it is released in theaters. Gaurdians of The Galaxy topped my list at all time best Marvel movies. That is saying a lot. I love sci-fi, and Super Hero movies!