“Dude, where’s my car?”

“Dude, where’s my car?” 

This quote always makes me laugh, as this is me everytime I go into the much dreaded Wal-Mart. With the greatest of intentions to remember where I parked my car, I wonder aimlessly the parking lot looking for it. As it is blue, there are often quite a few blue cars too. 

In Olrando it was worse because Wal-Mart parking lots were just about as big as the theme parks (not really), but looking for your car in the humid heat of the day was not fun. So maybe I should start using my phone, and take a picture of a landmark I park by. That picture/quote is an exact interpretation of me, and what I say on a dreaded Wal-Mart day. 🚗❓

One Liner Wednesday

They will come…

“If you build it they will come”

~Field of Dreams

I am pushed onward with home improvements even though my strength is minimal with my Eplilepsy. We are in the process of preparing our home to sell. 

This is the time to sell, we have about a 6 week window. Houses are so scarse that sellers are getting asking price, and above. Also they are moving fast. We are trying to better our financial future. So with all I can muster with God’s help I busy myself painting, and doing as much as I can while my husband is at work. 

“If we ready this house they will come.” This we know. It is our Field of Dreams to have a new home, with a lesser mortgage. So I press on knowing once that sale sign is up, they will come. This is our prayer every day, carry me today God!! 

One Liner Wednesday


I will always be a Goonie…

Andy you Goonie!

I would rather be a Goonie any ol’ day then part of the cool kids!

Great job Dan on the piece we now use as our badge for one-liner-Wednesday, it is a great contribution. 

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Adrift no more, anchored to the cross, she was set off shores

Adrift she is not, for He touched that one very sweet spot. She grabbed for it alas. Sweet as a honey bee and its nectar 

He gave her a hand up from under the cloud covered all consuming of “I”. 

Down the river she will never float again in fear of pulsating rapid’s

She is anchored in the cross for there her sobriety won 

Adrift no more He took her very broken wings, and allowed them to soar singing with release SOAR

She is no longer choking upon her breath, He breathed a new life of breath in her. Death only at His hour, all power to Him

She is no longer in wander with lack of directional purpose, she is in the pursuit of God’s compass 

She has hope for her youth has been restored when He scooped her up from her drown in her own self pity

Iniquity is not swallowed away with a gulp and an angry middle finger, in his His throne room it lingers, it sits with hope at His right hand there she can be found safe and of sound mind. 

Adrift that is no longer a part of her life unless it is for recreational sport, for God took a spear in pierce of her heart

Adrift no more, He has wiped her slate clean of her fixaction. Tied down, anchored, clinging…Stable now that is not a word she thought would again be in her vocabulary 

For God is her is her lifeline and stability she found, adrift what is that?  Adrift what is that…she has been found! 

Word Prompt: Adrift

New photo badge submission for One-Liner Wednesday…

Here is my submission for the new badge for one-liner wednesday. This was taken in Orlando Florida for a photo shot for a record label (that went in a different direction). I love the branches, and the way they hang. We here in worpress are rooted in words, and a community of bloggers. This tree for me symblozies our roots. Thank you the opportunity Linda to submit something from my own creation. I am equally excited to see all the submissions within this wonderful commuinty. Happy Writing! 

Lisa Ralph ✌

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You nursed me back to health at 40, reminiscent of my newborn years…Thank you!!

You took me in your home when my feet fell out from beneath me. You were my phone call saying, “mom I need to come home”. 

You hurt for me, with me. Cried for me, with me

Endured sleepless night beyond my childhood years 

I was given comfort, understanding, and a place to lay my head 

You were that constant whisper in my ear, “Lisa you were a great mom”!  Many a tear soaked pillow

You set your own life aside until I  my feet were free from topple

Veiled me with a winter wardrobe, saying my Florida sun clothes would not do

How does one say thank you for the welcome I received 

 At 40 you had to nurse me back to health holding me accountable every step of the way

Cheered me on through college papers, taking over as I was slightly Microsoft Word retarded

My vocabulary vastly improved playing a Scrabble guru such as you, wonder where I get my competitive nature? I will beat you yet, take you down to common ground (haha)

We are more alike as the years pass, I look in the mirror and see you staring back at me (scary so I was not adopted). I love that story though, more dramatic! Fine I will let it go since your face I do show (you are so very pretty) my mom 

You never gave taking me in a second thought and for my safety you always sought 

Mom your love for me masks unconditional as close as it comes so to sum it up, Thank you for loving me, I know it has been hard at times. Me, flipping on a dime…

Thank you for being here to coach and watch my growth

Mostly for always bringing it back to God and how life is empty without him 

You can feel a little bit more free now with me having a husband to care for me as I do, long time coming (Praise God mommy) 

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! Praying these years you live now are the most fulfilling yet

For you deserve a double scoop cone or better yet a rainbow with a pot of gold 

For with you here this is where I call home 

Daily Post Word Prompt: Hospitality

Psalm 139:13

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.