My new thang; Friday’s Sobering Notions. Every One needs a thang….

Every blog seems to have its thang…I don’t have a thang😕. Well not as of yet, I write from the daily prompt. I do the weekly photo challenge, One liner Wednesday (which totally escaped my mind this week eek), Linda G Hill’s Saturday SOSC prompt. I also post quite a bit. I just want to be cool like dat’ and fit in 😜…

Going out on a limb I am going to start Friday’s Sobering Notions. I will come up with my own way of doing it. Not sure about a badge. Probably just a photo I have taken. As I am coming on 4 years of Sobriety next month so I say hey why the heck not!

Just a thought that comes from the clarity of my once drenched inebriated mind, because God is just that good!! Grace!! 

So something like this…what do y’all think. 👍👎 yay or nay? This is my new thang…😄

Photo Credit Me; Riverside State Park Spokane Wa. On a 20 plus mile bike ride, it would have been foolish not to stop, and grab a picture of this. The river wild, and the massive rock. I have climbed that rock too. I will admit going up was much easier than going down. Not only did my smile turn upside down, I cried. Yep. I was scared out of my wits. I eventually made it down. It was kind of pitiful. Such a beautiful terrain to bike, and hike.