Riveted by my existence in this dotcom world

Word Prompt: Roots

Am I the only one, no I can’t be the ONLY one? We all have a passion for writitng. We all have a nagging inside us that tells when, and what to write. I have seen all the bio’s we are all writers in our own right. We all take snipets from what ever gives us vision, and begin to shape it into our newest work, and publish it upon it being perfectly polished. I liken it to the crazed scientists raising their hands with fury when their calculations are spot on.

I have found myself stuck inside a dotcom world as of recent. I have found my mind some what held captive through out my days, when I should be about other things. All the while words are popping in my head, new ideas for my next write. Maybe it is just because I am new here? No it can’t be just me?

Cemented right here, right where I type this momemt. Even at night I find myself squirming about my bed, resituating my pillow, all the while with great intrigue of what the mornings daily post word prompt will be. Charged off my own imagination, and all the others. Crap, I can’t sleep. Words are invading my mind, tramping about, as my husband lays at my side fast asleep.

A restless night of swooning over my new found dotcom. My puppy wakes me in a must pee NOW fashion. Coffee in hand, words swirling about my head. Not a bad marker for the beginning of my day. It is like a monsoon is making its way into my head. A torrential downpour of words, ideas, musts, brewing with intestity, much different from one of my Epileptic auras(words are rare and ideas stray for sometimes hours/days). No this is greater, much greater. Maybe it is in the purpose I find inside here.

Anyways it is greater(why do I feel  the need to explain great), and so I find myself this very moment after scrolling with fervent anticipation of what the Daily Posts word prompt of the day is. Ahha, got it. “Roots“. The word for today is “Roots“…Yes!!

Now I can sit with coffee in hand, and puppy well released, and fed mulling over ideas for this word, “Roots“.

Because I am Rooted in a dotcom world.

My Roots are here in this dotcom world. Watch me grow…

Photo credit Lisa Ralph; taken in Orlando Florida, Arnold Palmer Golf Course


From my minds eye

Word Prompt: Gray

I asked the dreaded question to the gal cutting, and coloring my hair. It was a such a “girly” question too. I bit down on my lip a little out of anxious curioisty waiting for her answer,”how gray am I, like can you give me a percentage of how gray my hair is”? You know the old saying, “curiosity killed the cat”. The vanity in the question, caught even me by surprise. I mean come on I was 40 something. What was I expecting her to say, “you have zero percent gray“. As one of my silver hairs caught the light, and tracked the line of my hair from root to end just that morning. That old song by, Carly Simon was looping my mind. You know it well, “You’re So Vain”. Okay yes I was so vain, and there was no probably this was about me! She looked at me, as her fingers ran about my head. Seperating pieces, finally “ummm I would say you are 18 percent gray. What the….you have got to me kidding me. 

When I looked in the mirror my minds eye saw all the years the locusts had ate away, and boy I saw gray. Gray in my hair, a whole slew of it. 18 percent gray who was she kidding, she was just being nice. Psh!

When I looked in the mirror my minds eye saw gray in the fine wrinkles around my eyes, oh yeah and those ones woman get just above the lip line. That if they wear there lipstick poorly, it bleeds into them making them all the more prounounced. 

When I looked in the mirror from my minds eye I saw gray in the weary traveler that was me. Standing there with my reflection, and the long gray journey my life had taken. My body had taken quite a punch. Can you imagine what a gal like me should reflect blowing a .24 at 108 pounds. That is 3 times the legal limit. This was a daily regemine for me too(quite the beauty guru ay). My liver was obviously gray, well probably black. 

From my minds eye I was all gray. There was no other color I resembled. From head to toe, from heart to soul, Gray. When I think of gray I think of pitiful. I was slathered in gray could I ever have a color? 

From my minds eye I saw gray as I had not learned sober yet. I was gray with chaotic indifferance. I was gray, my marriage was gray, my relationships with my children were gray. My pours were gray, and smelled as if death had found me. God to me at this time, was so gray. Did he even know my gray?

God did indeed know my gray. He viewed me nothing of what I did from my minds eye. In fact he was gracious to me, and he restored the years the locusts had ate away. Not to toot my own horn(well sorta) many a people have said I look great, and even young for the life I have lived. I do have a color, and actually many colors reside from head to toe, and heart to soul. 

With God I slayed the gray, and as a token of my obedience to Him I am made into a masterpiece of colors. Vibrant, colors only adding to my youthful 40 something self.

When I look into the mirror today from my minds eye,  gray…nah! Only when the color from my hair has faded, and I know it time to color it again. I am not going gray yet…

I am only 40 something come on…

“I don’t know “zip” about you”?

Word Prompt:Zip

I don’t know “zip” about you? “You”? “You are my mom who just staggered in from work teetering to make her way through the house unnoticed, while leaving her stink of shameful inebriation with every faltered step”?

I don’t know “zip” about you? “You”? “You are my employee whos absence to the bathroom is cause for concern when upon return your words are slurred, and blunders are too many to count”?

I don’t know “zip” about you? “You”? “You are my friend I ask have you been drinking, and you might as well be holding the evidence in hand because there is no hiding your stupidity, yet you look me straight in the eyes, and say no. As your breath is so offensive”?

I don’t know “zip” about you? You? “You are my wife who seems sweet, and gentle in spirit yet turns into a savage with spite in her eyes, ready to devour me for the wounds I have caused?”

I don’t know “zip” about you? You? You are the pretty girl trying to fake it, while you think your so stealthy. Obviously transparent, as drunk is drunk. Guzzling booze you hide all around, and acting out with a child like innocence? You? Oh me? Yep, I didn’t know “zip” about me.

I know “zip” about you. “You”. “You are the girl that prayed a prayer of saving grace. You are the girl who sought my face. You are the girl who rests at the foot of the cross, for you my daughter are no longer lost. You are the girl who has nothing to hide. For with you, I your Lord reside. You and I hand in hand, walk daily this life. You are the girl who died to herself, and was given a new life in me. You were so worth saving!!

“For I know you, and you are mine”. No “zips”, I mean ifs, ands, or butts about it…

Ephesians 2:4-5 

But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when were dead in transgressions-it is by grace we have been saved. 

As beautiful as the sun glistening across the waterfalls “YOU” are to me. I know “YOU”!!

Photo Credit: Lisa Ralph, Hog Creek Canyon Trail Head/Waterfalls Tyler, WA. 


The good, and bad of AVID…daily prompts

Zealous would be an understatement when it came to me and alcohol. Like the Lay’s pototoe chip commercial, “betcha can’t eat just one”. Boy was that right with me and alcohol, you betcha I could not have just one. 1,2,3,4 sips, that lead to 4 bottles later, what were we talking about? Kidding! I was zealous, can’t say I was zealous about all things in life. Zealous is good right?

Devoted to my days with alcohol, as a loving wife is devoted to meeting the needs of her one and only. I gave it my all, for I was devoted“Hopelessly devoted to ____”? Devotion can only grow you right? 

Ambition took over, and I was stout about retrieving drunk. For what joy was there in sober. Ambition now that is great, it gets you far! Success is derived of ambition right?

Zealous, Devoted, Ambition, all makings of significant attributes of a leader or even more. What impeccable character I had, carrying these distinctions about.

All in all grand was the scope in my vision. But once I became too much of all of these I became, pushy, selfish, a mersonary, greed struck, and anything but successful.

For I was an AVID alcolohic. Try to raise to fame with that as your one trait.

Now let me do a 180, as I did. Let me be zealous, devoted, and show honorable ambition towards my Lord, now there is where I find a record long list of these awe-inspiring hallmarks within me.

Gallations 2:20

I have been crucified by with Christ and no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. 

I am now an AVID believer in the Lord, and he saved me from the treacherous bondage of alcohol. He gave me new life, and I am the greatest success story of all things good in AVID.

Word Prompt: Avid