Fairytales, fables, and mysterious creatures are illusions, God has the real hook in His book…

The Magician’s Nephew; C.S Lewis

This is no fairy tale or tall tale. I see you Lord crisp as the morning air. Your presence every where 

My vision is not skewed. Ears are not muffed, I look around how magestic is your name in all the earth. How pleasing to the ear the echoes of your words in my heart

You did not pull a bunny from a hat, or a coin from out of no where. You created the heavens and the earth

I am not delustional in all the miracles retold, just as your blood shed for the saving of us is no illusion 

I am firmly planted in the soil that you planted me in, so what I hear and what I see is what you ask of me. I see truth, hope, and victory

No fairy tales, real life miracles. A butterfly as a marker of your creation, but no tinker bell sprinkling fairy dust 

Just open the word and begin in Genesis creations story unfolds. For you Lord are greater than any of fables creatures. No tall tales here, go hide under bed if you want fed Teribithia

Ancient stories that bring God glory, there are giants and devils, all the makers of the top selling fables. Get the Bible out and read it, and on your knees you may find yourself grovel. Especially if you were ever one to call it a fairy tale. 

Word Prompt: Illusion

Ours are not paper hearts..

Heard you hopped a plane from Florida to Washington, this was it. It hit hard. I actually saw the airport photo of you on Instagram. With guitar like always as your carry on. What a slam. The papers were served after 3 1/2 years of separation, and 21 years of marriage it would soon ALL be over

No minor children, or assets to split. Just look over the documents, and agree to it, and sign for dissolution of marriage. No happily ever after riding off in horse and carriage

It had been so long since we had seen one another. My heart was ill prepared for this kind of meeting. The encounter of what would finally be our end. My heart was split like a lumber jack standing with an axe in hand right down the middle. A perfect score. Ready to burn, it ached for us and all we had been through 

I knew you did not have the means to file. Your papers sat stagnant in Florida courts for years. The kids even begging for order, and closure. For awhile I was allowing God to still take precedence just for hopes pleasure there was still a chance at salvaging the wreckage. Hope was long gone as was the song played on our wedding day

Pastors teach divorce is worse than death, because there is no finality in it. Your dad was there the pastor himself, and the one who married us. Hearts lay baren, where we once took up rest in one another. What takes a lifetime to build was signed off in that of the matter of minutes with a pen and signature

Here it was the day to appear before the judge. My body was permeated with emotions all over the board. It had been 3 1/2 years since I had even seen you. So little conversation too. Our poor kids my heart could not fake, for God sake this was not how it was supposed to be. Bending to my knees. God prepare me for me this end. Give me poise, don’t allow me to fall apart

So they we were, the same members of our family from the beginning on our wedding day. You walking by a nod of your head, me just in shock. You looked so different. Your mom and dad followed behind. Your dad the only one saying hi. You looked like a rebellious child heeding to your father’s cohearsing. This was a day to mourn a marriage that was born 21 years prior. We were awaiting the death of what God had brought together. We failed our vows, and the cost was great. Sorrow was the hallway we sat in

Our names called the same names still, but soon to be different. As I entered a peace was brought over me. My thoughts so clear, as you were the closest in that chair next to me than we had been in years. I felt so little for you, I did not know you. How could this be? God was allowing me to let go, set ourselves free

All sworn in and papers looked over, irreconcilable differences. So cut and dry. I proceeded to hand the judge all the documents he needed. Now being signed, date stamped, and completed

The end was in my hand of that of a paper (a paper end). Marriage dissolved, I know longer belonged to him or him to me. We all stood to exit the court room. Never even said goodbye, barely even a glance just went on our way

I was grieved to see celebratory instragam photos that night in that of a wine bottle, and the comments too. This was not a day for celebration. A family torn apart, the Lord cried for our demise that day. Our children’s hearts were broken. Yet you take token 

There was no celebration to be had from me, just closure. Knowing it was now time to move on. With God taking over. This was not what he purposed for our family. All in that of a paper. Yet these were not paper hearts, ours all 4 were blood shed. Wounds not sparred. It started with well meaning hearts, all played out

“The End” she cries many tears for the years lost and memories shared

Dissolved, and over. Time to start over 

“I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, my great army, which I sent among you.”
—Joel 2:25 (ESV)

Word Prompt: Paper

The loop was my scoop, and will be again…🚵

Loop, drop, twist, whirl…

No matter the heat of the day when work would let out at 2:30 🕝 each afternoon it was only the matter of loading our bikes. It was time to play, and we played long and hard

Loop, drop, twist, whirl, awe now this is what I call a trail! Trees to weave in and out, hills up and down all around. Catch the air, feel the breeze across your cheeks

Bend, turn, hop the rocks, the river bed is calming as the boulders are jolting to the body

Maneuvering in and out of really tight spots with the handle bars hoping to be sparred, and well your body too

Bend your knees, lean into this next curve. Sure you got this, the moutain biker you

Gear up, gear down. Make this ride well worth it. Remember this trail at the very end is uphill until you are almost home. Save some breath, and love the burn

Down the bend, and round the corner the river on my side. Screaming from the release, Wohoo!! I feel great how about you? 

This was the loop done at least 3 times a week. Mostly off trail until the very end. The incline home was on the side of a golf course (of course). You knew once you got their your ride was almost over 

Over 20 miles in. Bending, scooping, whirling, jumping, carving, leaving tire dust…

You knew that that night when you crawled into bed it would be one the best sleeps you ever had. As that loop made you completely pooped. 

Yet up the next day waiting anxiously for 2:30 to come my way, so we could load our bikes. All I wanted to do was PLAY!! 

I had my biking bud, we were always out on our bikes. We had a pact, we were either side by side or one in the lead when it was time to pick up speed and bolt. This was our daily routine…

This is no trike, this is a girl and a love for her Specialized Moutain bike…🚴 “ride hard or go home”

Word Prompt: Loop

No time like the present..

“The man who would truly knows God must give time to him”

~A.W. Tozer

Are you able set aside the time to have the intimate relationship He so desires of us (God)?  He is there always, for we can say this of him! Daily intercession with Christ, time…🕛

A prayer closet, backyard, driving to work, while the house is quiet, or coffee is brewing. If we take this time for Him, His spirit will be poured out on us. We will bust at the seams with blessing, and song. For it is us He longs for. Our time sacrificed for him…Amen!

  #1 liner Wednesday

You pesky meddler under my skin, pedal far far away. Leave me, I bid you ado enough of you…

Short and sweet, a meddler got in the way of my day yesterday. So go be on your way today. Pedal on elsewhere, I am weary and tired and have no energy to play. You play to rough. I don’t wish to suck it up either

Yesterday started with an MRI with contrast, and it ended with contrast too (boo-hoo) 

I did relax enough to finally fall asleep once I entered into the tube of doom. 😰.

I finally after many of these tests figured out the exact sound that giant people eater machine makes. As I was drifting in, and out I was desperate for someone to turn off the agitating of the washing machine. In my mind I was thinking I could sleep so much better if laundry was not being done.  

Swish swish, whirl, whirl, giving my head a twirl. It is the sound of a washing machine. That was cool to put a name to the noise I have many times endured   

So I made it out alive. That being said, that darn contrast was a thorn in my side. As I have many medication allergies, it decided to meddle with my body 

Weakness set in quickly. My heart was beating too fast, making me feel extremley anxious/agitated. When I laid down I was so weak, I was scared I would not be able to get back up. The dizzness was like being on a merry-go-round. I was also very hot, and flush. My husband gushed as he thought the hot/flushing was all about him😜 (kidding) My husband was my aide for walking. Without him I don’t know what I would have done. He sat at the edge of the bed where he laid me down, and we prayed for God to take this meddling waste away 

It was a long day, not one I have never experienced before though (ugh). Just one I wish I could say would have been different

My body is still in recovery mode today. All from an MRI with contrast. What a blast!!!!

It was one of those things that you just ask why God why? I had so much to do, and that meddling reaction to the contrast changed my whole day. My list of to do’s was put aside. Pesky contrast 

So I am signing out, hoping this all subsides. Trusting God has a plan. No more meddling today, for in God I seek relief. I seek calm within the storm of my body. I need a lifeboat, and rest. Sleep!

Word Prompt: Meddle

Click, click, round, round, “Lord I hate this sound!”…

As my body lays prostrate on the cold sterile table. Lay still they say pushing that button that moves me into the chamber

Click, click, round, round, lay real still now. We need to get good images

Breathing deep as I am a tad claustrophobic (okay a lot). Encased in this nerve racking machine (pun intended)

No coffee in my body, shampoo in my hair, and not a scent on my body. I pray you are all spared (no deodorant too ewe)

My vulnerability as I lay their in gown with some of my body not covered. Health issues rage within my body 

Prayers quietly unto the Lord, let the noises above be not even heard. May I drift off into a dreamland

A few images without contrast, then IV in place. Icky I really hate this stuff. The warm surge through my body. It is an instant anxiety boost 

Not today Lord, be right there with me. Robe me in your warmth Lord, and may my anxieties disappear

Doctors are my least favorite people. I am always nice, but I always think twice about canceling the appointment. Husband loves me so he says he is making me go. Pish posh…he loves me ❤yet he says I must go what a blow💏

Psh!! So here is to one more go round in that tube injected with contrast. Let me smile, even though I want to punch them (kidding or am I)

Lord relieve me this very minute of everything that riddles my heart. Panicked! I lay it all at your feet, and when I enter that tunnel let it all dwindle away…

An hour and a half is a long time, let it seem as only minutes have passed when they say okay you’re done🕐, and I can leave praising you the son

May the click, click, round, round actually be of that of a reliveing sound, this is now what I pray as I am on my way…wait is to late to cancel (kidding) *sigh*

I cast all my cares upon You
I lay all of y burdens
Down at Your feet
And any time I don’t know what to do
I will cast all my cares upon You

Word Prompt: Relieved

Happy Father’s Day, with kid in hand with the gift of #1 dad, grins and giggles 

Father’s near and far, some are no where, get out the map and place a red dot all over the atlas. They are strewn here, and there, anyone would say I have someone special to honor this day 

Father figures, a man that leads and guides you along the way. Hey high five. Maybe even offers a hug, or Slug Bug right in the shoulder 

Cheesy hallmark cards with words few would ever say. Yet we buy them anyways. All categories too. Industry booms to praise that special someone we call dad, it is the thought that counts. They will think its rad

Dad’s are always good at that “oh Golf balls, a muscle T with #1 dad, “oh yes honey I will wear it proud”, they even add with their grin “in fact it will be worn so much it will be worn thin.” A trophy, mug, or even a tie. They all say hey you’re great dad! Hand made pottery, and poems too. Kindergarteners around the globe hold proud to. Grins and giggles as they sit on papas lap in anticipation of the great reveal 

Getting up at the crack of dawn to work all day. Bills to pay and bread upon the table, that is dad. Genuinely meaning well for the success of his family 

In honor of them bbq’s are blazing, sports are being played, sitting in a recliner with the remote glued to palms to no end, croquet, and horseshoes, lots of campers too. Don’t think about mowing the lawn, the kid will do that. Cracks up, as he gets his shoes prepped

Father’s near and far, some are no where, just simply missed

It is Father’s Day reach out, and send that special greet. Make them feel special and neat

The Police said it best;

I’ll send an SOS to the world 

I’ll send an SOS to world

I hope that someone gets my 

Message in a bottle

Take time to make someone smile today for all the efforts they have bestowed to you, they may not be called dad in title, yet someone who is worth the smile. Who means a lot to you 

Happy Father’s Day near and far, and to the ones who left us early in life, wishing you were simply here 

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!  –1 John 3:1

Word Prompt: Bottle