Versatile Blogger Nominee:Me ✌

I have expressed my passion inside this dot com world. I love it in here. I am very honored to have been nominated for this award by Phil. I began following Phil with Life Plan Blog awhile back. He peaked my interest with his photography, and writing he included with it. Which is all about promoting a “never give up” way of life through pictures, and writings. 


  • Thank the bloggers who nominated you and share their links.
  • Nominate at least 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs. Also, inform them about the nomination.

Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.

So 7 things that you may not know about me. 

1. I despise Pumpkin Pie, I know right not too many out there that do. I do though! 😝🍰

2. I love to sing, if I know lyrics you better know I am singing to it. Yeah I am that weird girl you look over at in her car belching out words to her radio with no one else in the car 🎤🎶

3. I hate to say it for all you cat lovers but I really don’t like cats. They are just not my thing. 🐱🚫

4. My first car was a 1988 Honda Civic baby blue hatch back. I loved it too. 🚗

5. I worked for Disney World, and Universal Studios. Free gate passes. The mouse is horrible to work for, Universal was one of my favorite jobs. 🐁🚫🎬✅

6. One of my all time favorite foods is a bacon burger with honey mustard on it. 🍔

7. I have 12 houseplants all thriving, and they all have names on their pots. Ethel/Earl (twins), Izzy, Herbie, Bob, Hawk, Ida, Pearl, Lafern, Shirleaf, Opal, and Sam. 🍀🍁🌴🌵

So now if you would like to participate please feel free if not please don’t sweat it.

That is all for me 5. Half of what the rules say. I broke the rules a little. 😉

I feel all nifty, quite spiffy too . I was presented the Real Neat Blog Award…

What does one say, I have been  anominated for “3” awards in just over week. The community of the people inside WordPress have been such an inspiring group of people. A blessing in my daily writing journey to say the least. Thank you so much for this “Real Neat Blog Award” Roda, Growing Self. You can find Roda and her inspiring writing of growth of herself within her blog at growing self. Warmth is felt inside her blog. Take a few minutes to take peak at all that makes her beat. Her about page is a great personalized reflection of her life. She also finishes her writing with a heart emoticon (💜) and her name, a little extra charm and personalisation. So again Roda, thank you for this opportunity to participate in this award. 

So now here is how this all goes down; 

  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 7 questions sent by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 7 new blogs to receive the award and write them 7 new questions
  • List the rules and display the Real Neat Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog. 

Roda’s ❓’s…

Paper or Plastic?

Plastic all the way, it is great for.       dog poop. 🐶 +💩=😀 &reusable.

If you could transform into any.     animal, what would it be? 

I love  the idea of what Aslan the Lion represents in Chronicles of.       Narnia, although a little to much       a task for me. I guess I would just       be  a lemur, look how cute.. and.       my initials are L.M.R. (Leemur)🙊

Who is your historical soul mate?

Superman! He is America’s true.     Super hero. As a kid I lived off his     movies. I mean come on into a           phone booth, and off to fly in             save of the world. 

 Are you a city mouse or a country.       mouse?

Country mouse, found in a log             house lost on 20 acres of land. I           was a city mouse then I fell onto         Keen’s, moutain biking, hiking,         and just the love serenity and               country bumpkin life. 

What is your favorite vegetable?

Cornato. Corn mixed with potato.       It is the best…😛 

 My favorite book?

I would have to say out of a pile of     Amazon birthday gifts/books, I           stumbled across The Mircacle at        The Higher Grounds Cafe. A                   fiction book different of that of         author Max Lucado. A quaint                 story of the miracle happenings,         of God in a broken families lives.       All in  this coffee shop, all                     through ironically what was the         “The God Blog.” You could ask it          anything and it would answer, it        It was a heart warming story of            little faith being restored with            what seen in this little coffee              shop. I am in belief that with                God miracles happen everyday.          I am a miracle, my own life’s.              story a Miracle by God’s hands! 

Why do you write? 

I am a non-fiction writer with a         a lot inside me that needs to come.   out. I would probably drive my       family crazy if I did not write. My       mind is is a constant myriad of           thoughts/words/metaphors/, and     my heart. I find a sense of great         release with each word as in my         process. I get excited, and it so           much fun. Healing has also been       a great reward of my efforts. I             have a story, and it was time. I am weird and goofy too.  I write     because I Absolutely love to                     write! It makes me who I am.         “Lisa”…✌

Now I nominate these writers. I chose them with great thought. You don’t have to participate in this award, just know you are appreciated.





moonlight reflections

theological jon

soul gifts


My ❓’s for y’all 

1. All out 4 Seasons which is your.           favorite, and why? ⛄☔🌞🍁

2. Favorite candy? 🍬🍫🍭

3. Favorite genre of music? 🎶🎤🎵🎧

4. Dog or cat person, and why? 🐶🐱

5.  Introvert or Extrovert?🙊😉

6.  Favorite movie of all time?🎬

7. Favorite subject in school? 📝📚          📏🔬🎨📷🎻

This is the end of Lisa Ralph’s RealNeat Blog Award; what a great feat ✌Lisa

I have been nominated for ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD

A heartfelt thank you to Jon and Haley I stumbled across the two of them, and was drawn in by their about story. High school sweethearts, and a love for the Lord. Then I noticed they had passion for music, and a song sat on their site. I listened to its words as they rang out to Jesus. A song in script from the heart of hearts. Passion, and fervor to live a life following after Christ, how awesome! So I followed.

7 things about me Lisa;

  1. My middle name is Marie, for real like Lisa Marie Presely (boring) every child in the 70’s shared my name. I mean come on how original. I always wanted something more alluring, or dramatic!
  2. I am claustrophobic. As a small child my cousin Chris and I got stuck in a small closet under the stairs. The knob to the door actually fell off once we were inside. We were in there for hours as it was a family gathering outdoors. 
  3. I had my wisdom teeth taken out with no numbing agents or, being put under. 
  4. I am severly allergic to Turkey (yeah sucks), Strawberries, and tree nuts too. 
  5. I love music of all sorts, eclectic in my taste. I love to sing, and know all the words. Ask me the artist and usually I haven’t a clue. 
  6. I love to ryhme I find it fun, son of gun! You get me going, I may just beat box. I can see it now you all cheering me on, as my mouth lingers in rap to your fingers. 
  7. One of my favorite movies is The Postman. Ever seen it? Good flick…not a chick flick either. Not my style…how juvenile (ha rhyming again) much to your chagrin I am sure. I am done now. Peace out ✌bloggers unite!! 

I am to pick some nominees for this award too…❤.

    Mystery Blogger Award…

    I feel all warm, and fuzzy inside (oh my oh my).  Maybe it is because I just ate a piece of moldy cheese while making my hubby’s lunch, and didn’t even notice it. I wonder if he will (just kidding), or am I? That would would make anyone crawl with fuzzies. 

    So here is where I thank Mark Jacobs, ARES . THREE. I find him here; in my daily reads. I have admired his writing, as it is first person reserved writing on various topics. He has a collection of jaw dropping photos too. His most recent on “reflecting” is captivating to say the least. His writes lure me in by the title themselves, one my fav’s “Flip Flop Drop Top & Candy Paint”. Really how do you pick a front runner when they are all exceptionally well thought, and written! I also found his presence on First Friday’s a warm contribution to WordPress. He is all about making you feel welcome. You get a sense for his enthusiasm within this writer’s world. There is sincerity in all of his comments. So thank you Mr. Mark Jacobs for this nomination, just a couple days past my first month here too. I will do my best to follow the instructions as in school I was known for going off the beaten path. 

    Also I would like to make mention of, the creator of this award. 

    3 things about me Lisa Ralph;

    1. I am a girl through, and through (hence my name Lisa). Not a tomboy, but definitely not a girly girl. I wanted to take the Automotives Course in college at 40, I was begged out of it. My brother who has been under a few hoods, and engines he could not bare to see his sister with hands aching in the winter months. I find it fascinating though, still wish I had done it. With that comes, I am not one to play dress up in less it is forced. You will find me with my Keen’s in the Summer, and Hiking boots in the winter. Heels are just not my thing. Baseball caps are part of my every day attire (I have every kind you can imagine, sports, superhero, R.E.I). 
    2. I can’t wear socks to bed (it is so wrong). Unless it is frigid cold, and I find myself zipped in a mummy bag thinking my death has come to haunt me
    3. I am the goofy gal, always making people laugh. Called a ball of goof, sometimes I have to be reminded when something is called for my seriousness. 

    Now to answer Marks questions of thee; 

    • What does writing do you for you, as far as your day-to-day mood?
    • Do you believe that one does not need to read, in order to write? 
    • Do you have a personal favourite blog post you have read in the past month?       
    1. My writing is part of me, I have been writing since I was a child. It a great release for me. I come alive inside, as my fingers tap away. My mind aroused with words, thoughts, metaphors, and the like. My mind is never suppressed. I have found healing as a recovering alcoholic to write raw, and with sincerty. For in my drunk state I missed that mark hourly. I hold back nothing! For I write for me the person who was, and is no longer. There are days after a write, like yesterdays write of my long walk out of jail I cried. It emptied me, it took me back to that day. So raw! So then I find myself needing to write something uplifting, or light. For years my writing was set aside as I lived through someone else’s piped dreams. So I write for me, if it receives not a single like but is the essence of me I have accomplished something unmeasruable. Finding Lisa… 
    2. I find inspiration in what others write. I do feel reading, and writing are like mac and cheese. You can’t have one without the other. There is an art in the language of other authors. They usually have a distinguishing style. I  find my vocabulary improves, and my mind opens up with each book. We always have room for reprove. I was just made aware even after having aced a College class on just grammar itself I was using () wrong. Had I not been reading I would have not been made aware to correct this. I find a pleasure in that of a good read, and it makes my mind crazy with anticipation for my next write. 
    3. My favorite write was Twas’ the night before our Christmas; in January. It shows the flip side of sobriety at its best. My son was the heart of that write. Eli brings the proof of healing after recovery. He makes me feel normal, and helps me to go back into my memory bank. I was a darn good mom, I just fell at was the end of my marriage. I was devout, and my kids were my life. He makes my heart flutter, with an unconditional love that is so rare these days! Sobriety rocks!! On the rocks, sucks!! Sober is sexy, beautiful, and fulfilling in every way! Eli has given me new strength, and hope. An honorable mention that if not for my loving Savior I would not be here to write. He picked me up, wiped me off, and gently molded me back into shape. His grace is what I am today!! If when you see me you don’t see him then I am doing something wrong. He allowed me a new love, and to remarry despite my flawed past. For my dear husband sees me as I am now, we have a marriage built on God’s love. He is one the most selfless men I have ever met. He is my knight in shining armor. On a side note; I love pictures. All I have of my kids is what I had in my photo library via FB. I have asked for a thumb drive with all our family photos. I have let that go (not gonna happen). So now I snap away like a crazed lady who has never been out to play. So with that said runner up for my fav blog post; Me, and my boot what a hoot! Pictures are memory holders, and dear to my heart. Never take you life for granted for we know not what tomorrow brings. 

    P.S. Mark Jacobs this caused my brain to hurt, literally hurt!! 


    1. Why WordPress why are you here? A million blogging websites why this one? 
    2. What is another hobby you have outside of writing? 
    3. What would you tell your younger self in benefit of you today? 
    4. Do you takes lots of notes or just write on the fly? 
    5. Who has inspired you most in your writes, outside yourself? Ie; other author, teacher, mentor.

    My nominees are;


    • Put the award logo on your blog.
    • List the rules.
    • Thank whoever nominated you and link to their blog.
    • Mention the creator of the award (Okoto Enigma) and provide a link as well.
    • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
    • Nominate roughly 10 – 20 people for this award.
    • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs.
    • Ask your nominees five questions

    Share a link to your best/favorite post that you’ve written.