Could I, should I, why not, no please stop this Lord make it go!

I did not give up or give in, I did not want that bottle parked within my skin again

I could not dwell there, what a scare. I placed my sobriety on the line 

Perched with alcohol a stalker just one step behind. Lurking where I would least expect it

Listening to the crack of a beer, my ears pierced with intrepidation. This toxic waste was not going on vacation

Fighting and trying to flee the constant madness inside my brain. Could I, should I, why not, no please stop this Lord make it go

Run and hide, and push it away. It was now a tenant within my day

There was no making drunks understand how far I had came. I was talking to the deaf, and dumb

Had to break free this cycle was wearing on me. Breaking me down, Satan wishing for my crave. I could not cave

The Lord called me back into him, protecting me yet again. Gave me strength to stand up proud. Set the boundary for sobers gate. Solid ground 

They did not understand their joy was found sitting around a table telling fables as they did not know when to stop. Everyone of them an alcoholic

God pulled me up out of that hole, made way for me to go. I gave my reasons why I had to leave it all behind to blind eyes and hearts

To my Lord who carried me through these very dark days, and turned my frown upside down. Helped me back up again. Regain my sanity

I had people praying for me, and devine interventions. The Lord made himself ever present. I could not ignore this constant tug

Now it is all behind me, the Lord sought to unbind me. Freed me from my captive state. Pouring out His grace once again

I survived this one, but not in my own strength. Had to realize I needed God to take back control. All I want is His will 

Colossions 1:13

For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves,

Word Prompt: Inhabit

9 thoughts on “Could I, should I, why not, no please stop this Lord make it go!

  1. Wow. Well done to you unicorn friend 🦄 you always write in such a powerful an emotive nature. My neck and shoulder was tense as I read that, hoping for a good outcome. Which I am so relieved to see. Hope you are well 😎

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Very strange, I was just thinking about you the other day. Someone followed my blog with a very similar name to yours and I thought you had maybe started a new site. I was just about to ask ‘is that you my unicorn friend?’ When I remembered your name….and that I would look completely insane!

        Anyway, here you are. Hope you sort it out and come back to us soon. Sending love 🦄


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