Perseverance as your friend, and courage as your shoes, Brand New you

It is the perseverance that you carry, and the smile that you wear. Your heart of gold. You are bold beyond your years

You got up with all you could muster, life had sucked you dry. No tears left to cry. Tired of handing over all of your paychecks with not even a bed to lay your weary hard working bones. No food to keep you fed

You walked out the door, shut the door tight. No key leaving the chaotic ruins behind. Never looked back, as your heart had already took quite a beating. You were always on the back burner, you turned inward words were missed. Personality unknown to them in your home

Clothed in courage you drove miles in change of your life. Yours is an uphill climb. Nothing has come easy. You walk a step behind, but yet you still dig your toes in and begin

You have true grit, and dreams to unfold. Perseverance in your pockets, and a locket of courage around your neck. Watching you change I am truly amazed at your want for only healthy in your life

You are witty, charming, and sarcastic no doubt. I believe in you, as I have seen your once crushed spirit strutting its new self. Showing a real smile from ear to ear, here and there

Yep even through the sarcasm as your mom I see it shine, and you my son are mine. You have true grit. You got up, with perseverance as your friend, and courage as your new shoes. You have made a life brand new. Most could not will to do

Finding yourself, and who you are. Looking past the scars of your your youth. Not playing the victim. Like a cowboy takes the reigns of his horse headed for his course. You too took reign of your life. True grit

I am proud of you, and God has you! Look up, and you shall see the courage comes from above, and He is there. Your life is in the making. It is yours for the taking. God is giving you freedoms pass. True grit in all you do. Perseverance, and free at last. God is rewriting your life. In Him take take up refuge. Never be weary for a place to lay your head again 

He will give you billows of peace as you continue on. I see your smile, you can’t fool me. It is the darn cutest thing I ever have seen. Makes your mama’s heart sing

True grit..I see in you Elias my son. Best birthday you have had in years. Laughter, and sarcasm bringing tears. 19, and you stood up stood and your ground and never turned back around…Blew out your candles. Pray you get your wish, as you blew life brand new

Your whole life is in front of you, True Grit in God will carry you through

Word Prompt: Grit 

6 thoughts on “Perseverance as your friend, and courage as your shoes, Brand New you

  1. This is beautifully written and Happy Birthday (belated Birthday) to him… it’s truly nothing like a mother/son bond. Blessings ☺️

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    1. Thank you so much!! Both my kids have this will I have not seen many their age. They keep on going strong even with the crap life they have been handed. Even at some of my own doing, my son can see past that at who I am now. For that is truly a miracle! My daughter still can not see, but I pray she too soon will see with eyes God can give. My son is one the coolest kids I know. Yes I am biased, but he truly has a rare heart these days. Thank you for commenting, and reading 💗

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  2. Oh, Lisa … thanks for the pictures … Eli is handsome and he and the bike look good together. this is a beautiful tribute from Mother to son. I love your phrase, ” [ I ] Pray you get your wish, as you blew life brand new.” Continue to celebrate togetherness !!! jan

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    1. I do celebrate that daily. My daughter also emailed him a very heart felt birthday email. They had always been very best of friends. Until he left they habe not spoke. My son is very wounded still. I actually just got off the phone with her. I go years with nothing from her. She just had to completely cut ties with her dad as well. Her dad is losing every thing. She said his parents will have nothing to do with him. She is doing it for the same reasons my son left. Her life is just more founded there. She works a really great job, and has a boyfriend there. She lives in really nice apts. with 3 female roommates. This is the most we have talked in a couple years. God is moving mountains right now. My son did not receive her email as well as I thought he would. It is sad, but I can still see God’s hand in it all. I am excited by how much is happening. All things that were promised to me in this journey.


  3. Prayers for your daughter, your son, and their relationship together. Prayers for each of them as they make their way in this world … knowing you and your example that with God ALL things are possible. Amen

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