Let me take blossom wherever you may place me as potted…

The day I said yes to you Lord, swaddled at the cross 

Fervent I grow, bringing new seeds to water. Replanted you are my botanist 

Placed with the best of fertilizer, and fresh sprung waters, new shoots spring forth. Appendages, and fresh green leaf. Water seeps deep into my roots. Your miracle grow has taken hold. Pestgilence left with your hands of my repotting 

I am set within the proper light. Daily kept from mossy mold taking hold. Plucked, and kept pruned

All this for you my maker the botanist is to take measure. Pleasure in the blossoms that come from within in. Claiming victory you brought back another planted life from disease it was struck within 

Blossom, let me take blossom wherever you may place me as potted

2 Corinthians 2:14

Thanks be to God who . . . through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place

Photo Credit me; This Cactus flower was given to me by my husband Aaron. Named her Cleo, 8 months of marriage. We celebrate monthly with cards. He got me a plant, and shouldn’t have. Although very sweet! We are sappy (pun intended). ❤💏☝ 

Word Prompt: Blossom


15 thoughts on “Let me take blossom wherever you may place me as potted…

    1. Thank you!! Second marriage. Which not a million years did I ever think 20 years ago I would say that. I have certainly grown a lot. I will always be greatful for the hard learned years of my first. I would never have got out unless for Biblical reason. I wanted to save it at every expense. I fell apart myself, and handled my reality very poorly. This blog is my recognition of who I was when I knew God, betrayed God, and came back again. My ex still has not come to the reality of how lost we were. I say we always. For I should have been stronger, and said seek help and I will be there too. He is a P.K. and it is just a sad story. Talking to my son last night. The kids suffer most. He is 19 in 2 weeks. He said it hard he just misses what was. Even though he knows it was bad, we were still a family. So my second marriage and I even have a hard time saying that. Although I see all that God is fostering in all of this. My husband is an incredible man. I could not have survived what I was in. God will claim victory over this tragedy yet!!


      1. Bless your dear heart, Lisa–God remains in the Miracle-working business! I admire your courage–2nd marriage–as I had a brief abusive one when I was young, and could never regain enough trust to try again…or maybe the right man never stepped into my path. God is right there with us in every season–whether we know Him or push Him aside, because He will always pursue us till we’re ready to embrace Him fully. I’m more than content in my solitary life–God promises to be a husband to widows (and divorcees), as well as a Father to us. May He bless you and your family so abundantly.

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      2. Mine was 18 years long, and everyone saw what I could not. Sadly when the truth came out I was beside myself. I though have a heart that loves people. I knew I would not want to be alone for the rest of my life. I got married at 20. We grew up in the church together since the 4th grade. His dad was my pastor. I married into a family that no longer speaks to me. Weird how Christians can be. We are all so messy. I held on for as long as I could with risk of losing myself with how I dealt with it. My family was so glad when God woke me from my slumber, and brought me out of all of that. I always thought we would be friends. We are not. We have no connections, and do not talk. The only connection our children who are both grown. I hear from my daughter he is not well. He is so lost, and truly believes he is okay. I pray for him for my kids sake. At the rate he is going he may not live to see 50. My daughter lives in Florida with him, and my son just up and left one day without telling them and drove to Washington State where we are all from, and I am. This where we grew up, and his family is to. My son has been here since January. Praise God. He will not talk about his dad. He just says it is bad. So I pray now for my daughter she will be 21 this year. She needs set free. Anyways. My story is long, as is all of ours. Just a snippet into what is my life. Blessings thank you for reaching out. Take care!! Looked at your blog, love it!! 🌸❤


  1. Hi Lisa, I guess I missed the part that you are in your second marriage. I see quite a few PK. MK got lost. They don’t get enough attention from their parents like other regular parents. The parents may think that it’s justifiable to be busy and spend all their time in ministry and “neglect” their own kids, or lack of understanding, have unreasonable expectation. PKs are kids too like any other kids. My second is into 21 st year. He loves me like no one has ever done in my life. I’m thankful. I pray for your daughter. and hope she could free herself and start to detox her emotion!

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    1. You have no idea. I don’t speak from being jaded either. His family has been in my life since the 4th grade. His dad is pretty well known. His church is the largest, and he travels abroad. Has written books on marriage, and parenting. Their whole family is such a mess. They barely have anything to do with my kids. Half of them drink and glorify it in pictures via Instagram. My ex’s little brother is a famous Christian musician. The pride runs thick in his family. I was married into it for 18 years. They act as if they don’t know me. I am known every where I go in Spokane. My son said he starting to have people regognize him at work from the church. The things I have seen make me sad. His dad is just like any other man. Yet held to a higher accountability. The drinking really just gets me. It is so not okay. They stopped showing love to their own kids when they became teenagers. My ex was treated poorly. It is all just sad. I grew up in that church. I know so many people from my youth there, yet would not step foot in it. My son wants to go but realizes the hurt that could come from it if he does. He has been rejected by them so many times. I thought our divorce would wake every one up. Nope. Just made everyone more proud, and justified. Sad!!

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      1. Also I was very involved in the church when growing up. I went to all the camps, events…Sunday school. Youth group, and College and Career. Then there is the fact that I am the mother of their grandchildren. Not once have they even attempted to contact me to see if I am okay. If I needed anything. They know their son. His own dad called him a narricist. Yet nothing. It is like I was never part in it. We spent all holidays with them too for years until we moved to Florida. I used to stay with his mom when the guys went to Russia on missions trips. My ex’s sister has been married 4 times and is 3 years older. So we were the 2nd to get married, and were married for a long time. I just dont get it. I hear things when I run into people. They have a scewed version of what my life was. Yet I know in my heart his dad knows the truth. He just is old, tired, and does not want to deal with it. Two of his kids are really a mess, and one of their granddaughters is already an addict. It needs fixed. God will have to do something drastic to wake this family up. My son wants them part of his life but doesn’t he is so confused. Which I get it.


      2. Yes, it’s sad when fame takes over the spirit of real ministry. Your ex is suffering depression from the dynamic of his relationship with his dad – the family, the church. Pray for your happiness and your children’s healthy life!

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