They will come…

“If you build it they will come”

~Field of Dreams

I am pushed onward with home improvements even though my strength is minimal with my Eplilepsy. We are in the process of preparing our home to sell. 

This is the time to sell, we have about a 6 week window. Houses are so scarse that sellers are getting asking price, and above. Also they are moving fast. We are trying to better our financial future. So with all I can muster with God’s help I busy myself painting, and doing as much as I can while my husband is at work. 

“If we ready this house they will come.” This we know. It is our Field of Dreams to have a new home, with a lesser mortgage. So I press on knowing once that sale sign is up, they will come. This is our prayer every day, carry me today God!! 

One Liner Wednesday


8 thoughts on “They will come…

  1. Thank you JoAnna. I just watched the movie the other night. Found myself crying. It is a truly inspiring movie. We are on such a time crunch here. Everyday it seems something gets in the way of something we wanted to get done. Our dog had to go to the vet yesterday. He is fine. Just got a staph infection from bad allergies. It is that of what we call life β€πŸ™


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