Never, with disclaimer

My revelation upon getting sober in the Lord is this simple…

I can not EVER drink again. Not just one, not even just a little. Not even what they call non-alcoholic in the print. 

I can not flirt with the thoughts, or think well maybe not today, but way down the road, maybe. No maybes!!

Oh no, never again will I be sipping on wine, chugging down a beer, taking a shot, or tasting another alcolohic drop. I don’t mess around with this ephinay I got. 

I know that if I ever drink again it will be that of my last. For it will not be just one sip, or one drink. It will lead me down a dark road to my grave already dug with my own taking life granted hands. 

I value this life all too much to ever to taste that toxic waste again. My skin crawls at the thought of me then. I pray God always gives me these vivid visual of the hopeless wretch I was. Seeking solace in a bottle of possibly a friend. That will not be my end. 

So as simple as the sun sets and rises, my revelation is I am to never drink again ANY alcoholic beverage. It is not a choice I have. It just is. Never again will I wear that as my disguise. I am free, and that imprisonment I could not bare. 

For God will daily walk me through this revelation as it is my destination. 

So my revelation is never again inebriation. Never…

Daily Prompt: revelation


Many of you don’t know my whole story. I have been sober before, turning my back on everything that rang true on my life, and spit in God’s face. I fell so hard, I did not know if I would ever find my way back up, and out. So when I say never I do not mean it can not or may not ever happen again. My meaning is that it very well may be the last time it ever does if I do indeed fail.  As I might as well dig a grave for I may not make it out. Never was meant in I can’t ever if I wish to keep going as I am. I am not higher than any other, and not above reproach. We all fall, and fail. Usually when we think we won’t. I just know with how hard I drank in this last binge. It may be my last if I ever dance with the devil again. 


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