Bobbing for Apples, splashes of living water

Then I was a walking sinfilled creature. No nurture needed I got this. See right here, as I grip tightly and blanket my beer

Then I was even known for sassy, Crass with each glass

Yes saucy too, when I would get sauced I was shameless in that bottle, no throttle

Then I was vulgar I can only imagine the things that came out of my mouth were nothing to boast about, toasted was not a good look on me

Then I was loud, and sure fire shifting moods with each drink of my freshly yearn, wanted so badly to fill the burn

Then I was immodest as all my inhibition got tossed away, my mirror image nothing of the same. My flesh stared back at me, I was of the world. Swirling in drunken misdemeanor behavior

Then! Take notice of (then past tense). These are all past tense as my heart has been reconstructed upon the cross, all my sin was lost. Taken, and healed when I kneeled for forgiveness

I exchanged sassy for love, joy, and peace which came from God above. These attributes walk with me daily

Saucy was so long. Forbearance, kindness, and goodness set in. From my next of kin to a complete stranger. Rendering a gentle demeanor

Faithfulness, and gentleness left vulgar on the roadside hitching another ride. For my faith is strong, and mouth washed clean

Self controlled the one the Lord said hello if you grab onto this, all the others will line up. Immodest you can not be. For there is beauty in modesty

All these are the 9 fruits of the spirit. The greatest of attributes according to the Apostle Paul. Oh how beauty is adorned with each one. I did not stall in applying them all

Holy Spirit fall fresh on me, make my eyes and heart heed to all of these. For brassy is not something I ever again wish to take title to. I bid it a do, with His grace and mercy.  A sure fire way to stay one with him

If need be I will take compartment in the Produce Department. Taking up pleasure in all the delectable fruits. Each one bursting in flavor, until I too can mimic all 9 fruits of the spirit. Bursting from within…

Brassy is not classy in the eyes of the Lord!

Galations 5:22:23

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 

23gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Word Prompt: brassy


Author: Lisa O'Day, Cries from an unkempt garden

I write to tell my story of how I overcame self affliction, and great despair in this life. For I write to share the death to self that took place. That I may Glorify God in all I do. May my writings be a refelction of freedom, for I am no longer in captivity of self. May they be warm, and inviting. For I write because God has given me words that drip from my mouth to be seen.

20 thoughts on “Bobbing for Apples, splashes of living water”

      1. I need some blogger advice. Someone who has followed me for awhile mentioned the name of my blog surprised them. I had thought about it for some time. I had a totally different name picked out for quite some time. Then I went with what I have. I think it surprised them because the content is not from that of my unkempt self now. I too thought about it. I was like how could if I were to change it do that without it effecting my readers. It felt off to me once I began writing. Do you think it would be a poor idea if I were to change it, and write to my readers about why I changed it? Or would that throw everything out of sync? Just looking for a couple opinions. Thanks. Hopefully you get what I am saying.


      2. Well first I always base my decisions on following my gut instinct. I think many times we have the answer within us, but second guess ourselves. What is your inner voice telling you to do? As for affecting your readership, I don’t know too much about stuff like that. To me, I think that we love your posts and what you have to say, so the name of your blog doesn’t matter too much to me. However, if the name of your blog is a representation of who you WERE, and you no longer feel this way, then by all means change it to reflect who you are NOW. I think many of your readers would enjoy reading about your transformation. Hope this helps and its not too wordy 🙂

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      3. Sure! Don’t give a “name” too much power. You write beautifully, and you have a nice following. Focus on that and enjoy the journey. Although your blog name doesn’t represent who you are today, if you decide to keep it maybe it will be a good reminder of how far you have come and how thankful you are for God’s guidance in all of it.

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      4. Great points!! That is true. It is unique too. So lots to parade upon in my brain now. All good things to think about. The effort alone to change it to. I am not sure I really want to do. Especially with working now. Somethings are better left alone. Maybe this being one. I tend to over think things a lot. It is just the way I was made. So maybe I rest up instead of getting all worked up lol. Take care, blessing for that of a wonderful weekend. 💜😊

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      1. What are your thoughts on someone changing their blog name with explanation in a write. I had another name picked out for years. I ended up using the one I have now. Weeks ago I was questioning it. I had looked up pros and cons to changing it. Then just a couple days ago someone said my blog name surprised them. I don’t have an unkempt self. It was. So I am unsure if I should keep it. What are your thoughts as a blogger? I need a few opinions.

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      2. I don’t see a reason why you should not change your name. I think a new fresh look is a good thing. You’ll just need to make sure other bloggers know what you are doing, maybe with several posts before you make the move. If there is another name that more closely aligns with your vision for your post, that might help you get better exposure.

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      3. Thank you I have had a named picked for so very long. Should have gone with it from the start. It has been years since I blogged. Then I just used my name. It is nothing like blogging now. So I think I just may. That one comment after I had already been thinking on it really go me thinking. Thank you!! Blessings!! Lisa

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  1. I was first attracted to your blog by your name and wanted to know some more about you. But if your life has changed and the name is no longer describe the content of direction of your blog, you could change it. Leave “Lisa Ralph,” as it is, but change the rest. As I discussed with you about my situation with my blog, as long as you don’t change your url, you would be fine. Also don’t change your profile picture for a while, so blogger identify your picture, your name as Lisa Ralph, the rest could be different.

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