3 awards, wow! I have not forgot ✌ 

I have 3 awards that I do need to work on (so humbled). I have not forgot about all you awesome people in thought of nominating me for these great awards. I have been up to my knees in cement, as my husband and I are in the preparation for the sale of our home. As soon as I get some time to put some real thought into these they will be completed. 

I know you are thinking WOW they know how to kick it on Memorial Day weekend. Heck ya, we be coo’ like dat’….knee deep in concrete, and masks to protect us from the mold surrounding us. Our basement suffered greatly from this harsh P.N.W. winter. We sucked up more than I have drank in my lifetime. See told you we know how to have fun around here. You know you are jealous!! 😝

With all this said, now to go assist in the yard as my beared man mows, and I clean up as he goes. 

Happy Memorial Day to you all, and soon I will be in thought on my award writes. ✌Lisa 


Author: Lisa O'Day, Cries from an unkempt garden

I write to tell my story of how I overcame self affliction, and great despair in this life. For I write to share the death to self that took place. That I may Glorify God in all I do. May my writings be a refelction of freedom, for I am no longer in captivity of self. May they be warm, and inviting. For I write because God has given me words that drip from my mouth to be seen.

6 thoughts on “3 awards, wow! I have not forgot ✌ ”

      1. ok- just asking because I have a lot of knowledge about mold an it tends to be more of an issue than most people are aware of (because is not highly discussed in society). Please be safe and I would reccomend getting your house checked! Not intending to intrude, just to provide guidance as I feel God places people in one’s path for a reason! Blessings!

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      2. I lived in Orlando Florida. So did a ton of research because my daughter got asthma for the first time. Our air conditioning was infested with it. We wear masks, gloves, and safety glasses. A lot of basements here flood this winter. I really appreciate your concern. My son was down there as he had just arrived from Florida. He has has Pneumonia many times. I wanted him out as soon as possible. It was very untimely, and unfortunate event. We are fixing it to not have flooding issues again, and selling it. Blessing to you as well. Mold has deathly consequences. Read up on it a lot.


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