Elephant size imprint

He made an elephant size imprint upon my heart in an instant

His eyes met mine, and as abrupt as our love was also a picture of my whole life illustrated in clips like that in a reel to reel(click click). It started and stopped with him. I was to fall into life, laugh, and marriage vows with a man whom I had only giggled with for a spell

The verdict was not mine it was that of the Lords making. He said his hand will be mine for the taking. Look no more. He is whom your heart will adore 

I knew after 18 years of marriage I would not want to be alone in this life. I made a darn good wife. I knew how to right my wrongs, and make what was the next chapter the most beautifully God orchestrated masterpiece 

For this man that stood with me for only a split second I found myself day dreaming of what his hand would feel like in mine. It was a devine impression of safety. A gesture of kind, and consistent unabated love

I found myself flipping the pages of these pictures given in exchange for one look. One look into his eyes, and I was found with a marker for my future. A glimmer from his baby blues. I was going to be his wife

I had only caught his name in conversation. Yet I knew I would be the Mrs. to his Mr. in an I do

We would be in embossed like the finest of leather, and would be made for no matter the weather 

No one could tell me different in that glimpse that God had given to me, a hint for future with this man

This was not by chance this was purpose at its optimum. There my past was left behind. No need to keep transporting old foes taunts at last I had someone whom would call me friend again

One long phone conversation and lots of laughter too, one long walk down a trail side by side sharing our hearts. He knew and I knew this was it

There was not a lot to be said for the impression was already pressed upon both of our hearts. A cookie cutter push with deep-seated evidence. It starts and stops with him/her. God had already set the precedent 

This was no reckless abandon this was a dent so bottomless upon our hearts lives that we were to keep each other in I do

I told you, and I will tell all he made an elephant size imprint on my heart, and man those baby blues

Word Prompt: Impression


Author: Lisa O'Day, Cries from an unkempt garden

I write to tell my story of how I overcame self affliction, and great despair in this life. For I write to share the death to self that took place. That I may Glorify God in all I do. May my writings be a refelction of freedom, for I am no longer in captivity of self. May they be warm, and inviting. For I write because God has given me words that drip from my mouth to be seen.

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