Gee whiz, I just love it here. By golly I have found my heart a home❤..

Photo Credit Lisa Ralph; Cheney Wa. On a bike ride passing by this quaint coffee/lunch house “The Mason Jar”. It sits so nifty upon Main Street and its corner. My kid said it has the best coffee, as it was the only place he did not find complaint about. Have not been yet, putting it on by to do list. 

This is my city Cheney, Wa. Born, and raised 16.5 miles west of here I never thought I would take up stake here. Yet this is where my feet landed, well I landed a job so out here is where I came. 

I worked at was Trading Company, one of four of a pretty good sized grocery store. What is now Yoke’s Fresh Food Markets. My love for the pleasant city, and my husband was found beyond those doors. I was a checker. In toot of my own horn, a darn good one at that. At first I lived in Spokane making the commute 40plus some hours a week. 

I felt like a trader the more I conversed with my regular customers. Some have never left here, and have great history of their families arriving by horse and wagon (homesteading they called it). How dare I shared I barely know this land that is there land. 

By golly I did get to know it, as I am a friendly soul indeed. Good morning with my cheesy grin, I see you got the greatest prize our award winning donuts. I swear they could be smelled upon entry from the freeway ramp 2.5 miles away (that good)! For my own good, and biking health I stayed away from their taunt. Just one so I could rave with them. I learned quick all the hustle and bustle of my families that stopped in sometimes not once, but often 3 times a day. All in long waits in my line. I was fast, and courteous. Customer service at its best nestled behind my cash drawer. I loved the people, so friendly. From the young to the ancient. 

I had to move out here to where friendliness resided. It was just a have to do. Plus I was the morning opener and 4:20a.m. was grueling in nature. So I found myself a place. I did not go where no one knew my name. Every where I went I saw my customers, and our shopping carts would meet in the middle of an aisle. Just for a quick hi (sometimes hug, yeah that friendly), and how are you. See you in the store tomorrow. 

This little town has a mass of off and on road biking trails. It has a Wildlife Perserve, and 4 lakes surround the area. So for a mountain biker like me I drooled in delight. A hop, skip, and a jump away to any given trail. 

So work and play all in this little town, with no skyscrapers. Just the main steet and it was called Main Steet. It is a University College town. So we get all the kids, you know college kids. Some are pretty cool, the others well we will not get into that.  

For here in this town, actually in my store in where I found the man who takes ownership of my heart. He worked freight at the time. So it was all but a short stint I would see him. His eyes, his smile, his heart, and just well everything was in line. He was devine. He started only 3 weeks after me, so when looking at my schedule his name sat right underneath mine (how cute). Eeek! It did not take too long for me in hot pursuit by God’s leading. Our first date was at one of the lakes I mentioned. Fish Lake, that is also where he took my hand and asked for me in marriage. We drive by it every time we go out to his parents property. I say there’s “our lake”. Who would have ever thought. My son thought he may die upon arriving. There is nothing to do in this town, with a huffy frown. Spokane is closer than most places in Orlando I told him. I also said, “stop dissing on my town”. He made it, and survived. Now living in Spokane. I believe he knows why I love this little town they call Cheney. 

My husband and I are in ready of sale of our home. 3 day weekend to replace flooring (1,500 sq ft.) from the flood that came with winters relentless fiery in our basement. Lots of work, but we want at least 20 acres. Eventaully a log home will be built for now just a livable dwelling will do. I want the deer, and moose to find it a retreat. I want to get a dirt bike, and ride my own land. Of course mountain bike, and hike it too. 

So you see I adore it here. This is where my heart found its home. God said this is where you will plant new roots. You will be known as Lisa, the happy go lucky girl, always wearing her smile. Hey, and a baseball cap too. The things you can do in a little town are different. An exmaple before I end. I am in want of overallas, yes jean overalls. I had a pair in high school. I want to wear them with a flannel around my waist in great taste (lol), and my hiking boots too.

So in the end I say this, I went where many know my name, and I was not in want for that. Yet, I would not trade it for any other world.🌍


Author: Lisa O'Day, Cries from an unkempt garden

I write to tell my story of how I overcame self affliction, and great despair in this life. For I write to share the death to self that took place. That I may Glorify God in all I do. May my writings be a refelction of freedom, for I am no longer in captivity of self. May they be warm, and inviting. For I write because God has given me words that drip from my mouth to be seen.

15 thoughts on “Gee whiz, I just love it here. By golly I have found my heart a home❤..”

  1. Hey! I’ve been to Cheney! I lived in Spokane for a few years, once upon a time. I didn’t care much for it one way or the other at the time, but looking back, there are certain things I now miss about that area…

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    1. Okay sorry back on track. The first time I left Spokane at 28 way back in 2002 I too thought little of Spokane. Ready for a change. Orlando bound. Where my ex-husband went to school. After a year I missed the familiarity of it. This is also where all my family resides. I did like Orlando found ourselves back there on & off for 10 years. Love the ocean, but something to be said for mountainous terrain here. So you have been to Cheney. Never thought in a million years I would ever live here. Used to come out to hang with some HS guys way back in the day. It was like a hole in middle earth. Now I live in that hole. Weird how life is…there are smaller towns that I could never do. It does help that we are a 20 minute drive from Spokane. 😊


  2. Really enjoyed this, nice post to read on an early Saturday morning rise – I’m not awake at 8am by choice. Apparently Jess simply cannot miss this exciting Peppa Pig episode….
    It sounds idyllic 😊 very nice, you made me feel like I was there with you, such positivity and happiness 🖒


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