The Sun’s great invasion, just one kiss to get me through.

Here in The Pacific Northwest it is officially Spring. “Spring has sprung,” let the bell be rung for all to hear. Spring is poking about. Our winter was obnoxious, like the needle stuck in the scratch of vinyl. Over, and over it played (screeching in sound). Torturing us upon Ground Hog’s Day. Another six weeks, that is a joke “that is not my Ground Hog!” What does he know anyways? 

People have come out of their long winter nap. Rubbing sleep from their eyes, and a few pounds added in their sloth. Funny how they seem surprised. Trying on their shorts from last year, it is zip and suck with no luck (gasp). Careful now that belly you hang will make them rip. Too many trips to the kitchen. An honorable mention to all the muffins ate. Now that muffin rests upon their waist, pouring over their once tailor made clothes. Keebler Elves in the luxury of the bitter cold. They are no longer deemed a centerfold. All that in The Pacific Northwest Winter. 

It is time to rise up, in celebration. For spring is a great occasion. It is, but a time to take advantage. For per our usual we have but a couple good days. Two on, and then five off if we are lucky. From eighty degrees to fifty in the blink of an eye. The sunshine giving off such euphoria. Lawn Mowers, weedwackers, and chainsaws are out, 2 days to profit. Bicyclists, runners, and dogs scampering about. Sun kissed, and sweat dripped arms a gardeners delight. Hurry fill the kiddy pool, let them join in. Rubber Duckies float the top, and lawns are are sprinkled with laughters splash. Spring is such a gas. 

We have not seen the sun in such a long time, we are draped from head to toe white. Me I long to snuggle the sun, hang up my vampire fangs for the remainder of what will soon be our summer. We are of four seasons, you grab a piece of each as they travel through. Bidding each one aduie, in ready for the next in line. Take a number at Springs gate, enter with caution. For you may get rained out all too often.   

For the sun hangs high today, at a marked 70 something. So with my AccuWeather forecast in hand, a tank top/shorts, I go in seek of color. For I may be as pale as deaths door, but as proof in every year my Irish skin can get golden brown. So I am to play, touch the sun and all its rays. Madly in the love with the feel I get, after a date with the sun. Color I do indeed reveal. Something to be said of that good ol’ Vitamin D, for it brings out the smile in me. 10-2 they say is the best of hours to snatch a beam. So with this I will, 2 hours here, 2 hours there. In attempt to no longer glow in the dark. Hark the day is here, for I must take claim. Competitive by nature I am out for a stint to play in Spring’s fame, and fortune. 

I am out for the day for all my absorption, for we all deserve but a portion. Game On!! I am out to buddy up with the sun! 

For a simpleton I am not. I must be about for this will soon pass (rains will come, humdrum)! I am not going to be amiss in my caluclation, and the Sun’s great invasion. 

All this in The Pacific Northwest spring day. Out for Maintenance, it is time for my play. 

Word Prompt: temporary

4 thoughts on “The Sun’s great invasion, just one kiss to get me through.

  1. Hope you enjoy the Sun! It’s out here in Scotland, so I’m taking advantage. Like yourself, I’m a pale beauty (ha! I wish), so I’m a little red from abusing the sun rays. I’ll take it though! Only ‘tan’ I’ll get 😁

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    1. I got really nice golden brown when I lived in Florida. Not a soul would believe me until they saw it themselves. I don’t use sunscreen which I should. Just looking for the vampire to be gone. My puppy is out here with me too. He is such a baby, he will not go out if it the slightest bit cold. I feel as if I am a mom again to a toddler. I have to literally pick his 30 plus pound body up and walk out, and tell him to go. Ridiculous! Nonetheless we are both out catching the rays. It tires him out, and makes me dance. 💃

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      1. Auch, golden brown. I get that out a bottle! One time in Spain I went without sunscreen. Never. Again. I tell myself pale is beatiful. But there’s pale and then there’s skin that you can see through 😂

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