Spit and spat, no anti-venom for that

I spat it out immediately, wiping across my mouth in disgust. I spat at his feet, just missing his shoe. The look in my eye was nothing from sweet. I can’t stand to look at the likes of you. I could not rid the taste, swishing water about frantically as it absorbed so quickly. You selfish bastard did you think nothing of me? Justifying yourself just makes me want give you a swift uppercut right in the face, now that would be a pleasant embrace. Scar your face like you have scarred my soul.

When first given this bitter cup to drink from, I thought I could survive. I of course wanted like any for this bitter cup to pass from my side. Poison, that is what I drank. All that we knew, all that we were in that admittance literally was tanked. 

My heart deflated, and it felt almost no beat. With this sour concognition very few could remain. That is why you never wanted me to get my hands on the poison. There was no anti-venom for this outbreak, it was just too late. The spread was as rapid as a wild fire. You were so selfish in all your desire. You did this to me, you stole my identity.  

Best case scenario I did not know. For hour by hour, as you sat and plead. My breath was drifting from me. Lead feet, Paralized! I screamed please stop talking. Go away, do you wish me dead today?  Bid me farewell, from the evil you spewed. I needed oxygen, stop talking to me you son of a b@$&#! You are killing me, can’t you see my color leaving me. I began foaming at the mouth. Convulsing violently. You clueless piece of crap. You wrapped it all nice, and pretty even curled with ribbon. There is not a one who would give you pity. 

For this was the final hour, I bid you ado. You coward to keep this concealed from me. You say it was at the loss of me you kept it tucked away in that locket around you neck. Come a little closer, you poser. I shall rip that from your nape hoping it chokes you, in my grip. Our ship is sinking fast, it sails no more you whore. 

Drape the sheet up over my head, it is bone chilling cold in here. Death is knocking on my door. It also hides me away from you. Oh protector of my being, hope you found such joy in your boyish play. What is the fuss?  You made a mockery of us. You took what was sacred, and stole from its core. There is nothing more to reach for. 

The saddest part is in all of this is your justification. You have left deep abrasions, ones that will take years to reconcile. I hope this ailment takes me fast. For I am burning with despair, waiting for my new domicile. You are dead to me, and I to you. I forgave you once, once too many. A moment it takes to make such haste, and now we are all but waste. We are garbage rancid with leeches. There is no way to get back the beach that was beneathe us. It is long gone. Go write a song about it, add a few fake palm trees.You are good at that. Write until your heart is content. For all we have made is gone with the wind. I hope you are crushed from behind, knocking you to your knees. For in your sin you can drown in. 

The End! 

On a side note this was me(past tense).  I was sadly was bitter. It is sadly is a true story. How gory the details too. I don’t live in resentment, or have bitter roots anymore. For who am I to judge?  The Lord will have his way, and hopefully we will all come out okay. We are human, and I even get we all make mistakes( given this nature). I get how we fall, even at the loss of life. I understand the human mind sometimes more than I would like. I am not rott with anger, for my life would be so sad. Probably drive me mad. I chose to live in the fresh fruit given. Rancid no more, heaven knocks on my hearts door. One day I only hope he can forgive himself. We are prisoners/captive in our own cell when lack of forgiveness takes root. Letting go! Opening the door to freedoms gate, the Lord with open arms awaits! God heals, and changes the most broken lives. Ever heard that saying, “in every pew sits a broken heart?” Well it is true. God there to transform us, make us, mold us, heal us! I was heart sick, but no more!! God is that good!! 

 Word Prompt:Bitter


Author: Lisa O'Day, Cries from an unkempt garden

I write to tell my story of how I overcame self affliction, and great despair in this life. For I write to share the death to self that took place. That I may Glorify God in all I do. May my writings be a refelction of freedom, for I am no longer in captivity of self. May they be warm, and inviting. For I write because God has given me words that drip from my mouth to be seen.

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