Riveted by my existence in this dotcom world

Word Prompt: Roots

Am I the only one, no I can’t be the ONLY one? We all have a passion for writitng. We all have a nagging inside us that tells when, and what to write. I have seen all the bio’s we are all writers in our own right. We all take snipets from what ever gives us vision, and begin to shape it into our newest work, and publish it upon it being perfectly polished. I liken it to the crazed scientists raising their hands with fury when their calculations are spot on.

I have found myself stuck inside a dotcom world as of recent. I have found my mind some what held captive through out my days, when I should be about other things. All the while words are popping in my head, new ideas for my next write. Maybe it is just because I am new here? No it can’t be just me?

Cemented right here, right where I type this momemt. Even at night I find myself squirming about my bed, resituating my pillow, all the while with great intrigue of what the mornings daily post word prompt will be. Charged off my own imagination, and all the others. Crap, I can’t sleep. Words are invading my mind, tramping about, as my husband lays at my side fast asleep.

A restless night of swooning over my new found dotcom. My puppy wakes me in a must pee NOW fashion. Coffee in hand, words swirling about my head. Not a bad marker for the beginning of my day. It is like a monsoon is making its way into my head. A torrential downpour of words, ideas, musts, brewing with intestity, much different from one of my Epileptic auras(words are rare and ideas stray for sometimes hours/days). No this is greater, much greater. Maybe it is in the purpose I find inside here.

Anyways it is greater(why do I feel  the need to explain great), and so I find myself this very moment after scrolling with fervent anticipation of what the Daily Posts word prompt of the day is. Ahha, got it. “Roots“. The word for today is “Roots“…Yes!!

Now I can sit with coffee in hand, and puppy well released, and fed mulling over ideas for this word, “Roots“.

Because I am Rooted in a dotcom world.

My Roots are here in this dotcom world. Watch me grow…

Photo credit Lisa Ralph; taken in Orlando Florida, Arnold Palmer Golf Course


Author: Lisa O'Day, Cries from an unkempt garden

I write to tell my story of how I overcame self affliction, and great despair in this life. For I write to share the death to self that took place. That I may Glorify God in all I do. May my writings be a refelction of freedom, for I am no longer in captivity of self. May they be warm, and inviting. For I write because God has given me words that drip from my mouth to be seen.

8 thoughts on “Riveted by my existence in this dotcom world”

  1. hi lisa!
    no, you’re not the only one, girlfriend. i totally understand your excitement about being here. i think it’s the brilliance of wordpress and its blogger community. i’ve had a few blogs over the years and this is definitely my BEST blog experience yet.
    what you said about your mind frequently filling with words and being unable to sleep– i’ve experienced some of that too since blogging here. it’s fun! for me, i have to ration my time here because of other obligations. but when i do pop in, i am never disappointed.
    EXCELLENT post. thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!

    and i love your new blog look! it looks fantastic over here. nicely done 🙂

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  2. Well many thanks from over here in Washington State. Drab outside, but not in here😎. Thank you for noticing the new blog. It took me countless trials and errors, as I could not wait for the computer I am getting. I strayed a little from the norm today with my post. It was fun, well liberating. Better than finding solace in a bottle. I am enjoying reading all the different styles of writing. I find myself navigating here more than FB. Nice change, and the connections have been enduring. So hey you keep em’ coming, because I keep reading. Thanks again for taking time to notice. I had to call my mom, and have her log on to her computer. As she is my biggest fan. She was like now what am I looking at here? Oh my!! After much explanation she liked it too! All this for a dotcom😉…
    Have a wonderful day, Maria!!

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  3. You are not alone. Maybe that’s why I have so many unpublished drafts from those times when the ideas are overflowing. My mind is most busy at night. While my husband sleeps beside me, I’m typing away or reading. Sometimes I feel like I could stay awake all night, but the closer I get to 3AM, the more jumbled things get and the dotcom world starts to feels like a different dimension. So I try not to stay up that late.

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  4. Wow, I love this! Love how to write, it’s beautiful. You are not alone, I’m a little wrapped up in my new blogging hobby, thinking what to write about allllll the time. Even feeling the need to make memos in my phone when something pops into my head. I’m intrigued by your blog, I’m off to have a snoop around 🙂


    1. Hey snoop about. I left myself in jail. With the door being unlocked, and have ran with these daily word prompts. I like the humor in your writing. My story is of such tragic nature, not a lot of humor there. So as a release for a few just been doing the daily word prompt. I will finish my story to its entirety as so much healing takes place as I write it. Yet it takes me back, and empties my being at the same time. Even being a totally new person. Married to a wonderdul man, I bet he(Aaron) loves the mark of “Britton” down my arm(ha, no). I have been given to a new life, and great claim to victory with God over addiction. So me myself am very sarcastic. Just not much in my personal journey. So I will take breaks here, and there. Writing for me is liberating. I was born with a story, and a keen way to share it. Took me almost 4 years to be able to write about it. Thanks for all the kind words. Have a great day!! Lisa 😄

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