A hand, the sky and a God so much bigger than I…

As I begin you will read all that exposed me, and made me look up! I looked up, and raised my hand up from the mire. I extended my hand, as my body was buried under shame, and self affliction. I looked to the heavens, and to my God who was stronger than I. My frailty was no longer a match for this world. I was crushed by the rock that was higher than I. The rock fell on me breaking my very being. I caught a glimpse of the beautiful sky, and God said, “Lisa I am here”. So here is where I began. A hand, the sky and a God so much bigger than I.

You will find many ways I express myself in my writing. Writing styles you will find here are Non-fiction Empathetic, Poetic, Inspirational, and Chatty too. I am not a photographer by any means, but I do share the ones that are allusive with my writing. I hope you enjoy my blog. I am an author, and am muti-faceted in my articulations of self. 

Being still…

Photo Credit Lisa Ralph, Cheney Wa. Skied obsessed, just saw this out my window. Ran out for a grab of its wonder with my lens. Glorious are the skies that are colored by God. Drawn by the makers hands, pastel color penciled skies. 
For the past couple weeks as I have been stretching my faith, and trying to knock on a few doors uncharted yet. In my blind walk this is what I hear in the quiet of my heart; “Be still and know that I am God.” 

Whether I am dumping grounds in to my coffee maker in want for another pot of coffee, or working in my water infested basement this verse keeps singing through me. 

I am to be still and know that He is God. He is the maker of my day. He already knows my next second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year. He even knows how many hairs are on my head, and how many of them are now gray (eek). 

I am being stretched in so many ways. I feel like Gumby (just not green or as cute).  I need to be more flexible so I am not thrown off by the stretch, or the outcome. He always has my best at heart. I need to heed that verse, and really make it ring true. Sing it, and live it. If you break it down it is very profound. Simple yet so in your face. So as I sift this day, I will be still knowing He is God. 

Being still…I am knowing 

I can’t remember a time we were not about thrive…

I can’t remember a time when we were not about thrive, it was a pep talk into perseverance because our daily was one more bolt that was about to be stripped. We had a bag full of all the bolts we vanished its divets from. Repeatedly trying so hard to screw them back into place. A rivet away from homelessness

So co-dependant it would make ill sick, how we pushed for so long I still don’t know. We desperately clung to our 19 year old selves. We had faded away in youth, just as morning faded into night. Swindled by our on sight, it was time to grow up. Yet we didn’t

Pretending we became so very good at, a tea parties delight. Dressed to the kilt with all the latest of gadets. When the rent came do we scrambled to have it. Looks can be deceiving. Dress up a family of four for all to adore, and they will not see famished rising from within. Covered skin with name brands to no end

Even tried to abide as much as the crisp cool dark that we had encased ourselves in would allow. Upon these moments a fire fly here and there was all the light we could muster. Running with dark like a wolf, the angels always trying to get back hold of our then bones we were so scathed from false pretense 

I can’t remeber a time when we were not about thrive. It was who we were. How we would come upon the monies to pay the next bill in wait. Ever heard of this thing called a job?!? The bible quotes a man who does not work will lack bread for his table. This was no fable. Did you ever really get a look at our seating for four. What was missing, a feast yes that was one. If you looked further you could see our kids jeans hanging from wasted waitslines their weight melting away from lack of nourishment. There was no flourish, we had not much left of our remains. Dig the graves make them ready, for we are barely going to make it

I had already said my goodbyes to all that tried to make way for health. The wealth we wrapped ourselves in was a farse. We were a travesty. Take off your tapestry you will see we are empty

Empty your pockets of only lint. Even more vacant were our hearts. For we had long resided elsewhere. We had no longer a barring even Gorilla glue would not do. We were beyond the fix. We were beyond charities hand.  People had caught on, fraudulent demeanor. No pity, for we dug ourselves into a slimy pit of ruins. Living in ancients past, I feel sorry for our story is a really badly written county artist song. Not melodic in the sing along. In fact turn that crap off 

I can’t remember a time when we were not about thrive, did you honestly think we would survive living like that? We were just a moment away from the loss of it all. We had been laughed at, and seen as fools. All our schooling went on the wayside for we were always trying to thrive. We never were about DO!! You think the two don’t walk hand in hand? Fool!

We did not survive we are now casaulietes of our own demise. I can’t remember a time we were not about thrive. 

Daily Prompt: Survive

From my little fish bowl onto bigger…

A leap of faith…walking and trusting God that He will shut the door on my plan if it is not His will. 

From my little fish bowl onto bigger! Watch out here I go making my splash, will I make it or miss the bowl? 

Psalm 143:10

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground.

Tomorrow I meet with people I accepted a job from back when my Eplilepsy went out of control. I have had countless neurology visits, and 4 medications later, I am stepping out in faith for a job interview. 

When all of this happened I was offered the job, and to my disappointment I had to decline. My seizures were too frequent, and harsh to say the least. I later ran into one of the gentlemen whom was part of the interview process. He said if I get my health under control to check and see if the position was still available they would love to have me. Of course out of curiosity two weeks later the post had been removed. 

As my husband and I are struggling, but know God will meet out provisions I felt maybe it was time to take a leap of faith. I happened on the same post from months back, and it had just posted a couple hours before I saw it. This all yesterday evening. What are the odds. So I texted him. I reminded him who I was, and told him I would love the opportunity to meet with them again. This was last night. You see I can’t drive (legally could kinda kill someone In a seizure state 😱). This job is maybe 10 minutes walking distance from our home. It is perfect hours 10-3 Mon-Fri. 

I woke to a text asking if I can meet tomorrow same place at 11:30. Am I a little nervous? Heck yeah! The last thing I want to do is to take a job, and be riddled by seizures and be let go. Yet here I am trusting God will lead, and I will follow. If it is not meant for me I ask He shut the door. 

I have been about to go crazy being a stow away in my own home. Only leaving when my husband is off. It just may be the time, to trust that this is it. I am not a home body, I love interaction with people. So here goes everthing (lol). 

Making my splash, and seeing it where it lands me. At least I know how to swim😄🏊.

A girl and her bike=love💜🚵

Why is this unique of this weeks photo challenge evenescent? These are pictures of memories past. 3 years of day in, and day out moutain bike riding to my hearts content. 20-30 miles a day. Hard rides, I rode with the boys. I certainly could hold my own. I lived fearless, as the breeze swept across my face. 

I braved rain, winds, and light snow. My mountain bike took me up scenic paths of miles for just the crave of the carve of the downhill loop. I learned to push, and push a little more. My legs tired, and sore. The best tired and sore this girl has ever known. I lived to get off work, throw my bike on top the car and ride. 

These are pictures, and they tell a story of something of importance disappearing. My Epilpesy became out of medications control. I have not felt the rush since. It was “ride hard or go home!” Now home is where I sit. I have not felt my special order bike seat since this time last year. My Specialized bike sits alone without its rider. I saw more, explored more, and found my passion in those years of countless bike rides. 

Rockhopping, carving, and jungled paths. My bike took me through natures best. Moutains, Trail Heads, off road wonders, and a little mudding it too. This is something that has vanished from my life. 

So I am in prayer for this to be something that is just for awhile, and to be healed quick. For the weather is perfect, and if you all have ever had such a passion it feels like a bit of a sucker punch in the gut. These were my most cherished times. A girl and her bike, oh how I would like to for it to be again. Medication come on man kick in….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent 


Elephant size imprint

He made an elephant size imprint upon my heart in an instant

His eyes met mine, and as abrupt as our love was also a picture of my whole life illustrated in clips like that in a reel to reel(click click). It started and stopped with him. I was to fall into life, laugh, and marriage vows with a man whom I had only giggled with for a spell

The verdict was not mine it was that of the Lords making. He said his hand will be mine for the taking. Look no more. He is whom your heart will adore 

I knew after 18 years of marriage I would not want to be alone in this life. I made a darn good wife. I knew how to right my wrongs, and make what was the next chapter the most beautifully God orchestrated masterpiece 

For this man that stood with me for only a split second I found myself day dreaming of what his hand would feel like in mine. It was a devine impression of safety. A gesture of kind, and consistent unabated love

I found myself flipping the pages of these pictures given in exchange for one look. One look into his eyes, and I was found with a marker for my future. A glimmer from his baby blues. I was going to be his wife

I had only caught his name in conversation. Yet I knew I would be the Mrs. to his Mr. in an I do

We would be in embossed like the finest of leather, and would be made for no matter the weather 

No one could tell me different in that glimpse that God had given to me, a hint for future with this man

This was not by chance this was purpose at its optimum. There my past was left behind. No need to keep transporting old foes taunts at last I had someone whom would call me friend again

One long phone conversation and lots of laughter too, one long walk down a trail side by side sharing our hearts. He knew and I knew this was it

There was not a lot to be said for the impression was already pressed upon both of our hearts. A cookie cutter push with deep-seated evidence. It starts and stops with him/her. God had already set the precedent 

This was no reckless abandon this was a dent so bottomless upon our hearts lives that we were to keep each other in I do

I told you, and I will tell all he made an elephant size imprint on my heart, and man those baby blues

Word Prompt: Impression

I will always be a Goonie…

Andy you Goonie!

I would rather be a Goonie any ol’ day then part of the cool kids!

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Springs sprung youth…🌸

Photo credit Lisa Ralph, Cheney Wa. My in-laws property. Upon arrival my mother-in-law outside in her sun bonnet tending to Springs sprung youth. Found myself breathless at all beauty she tends to daily. Pink/yellow magnificence. 

Psalm 27:4

One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.

One thing that I desire oh Lord is to be set apart, beauty fragrant for all to see that I am yours 

One thing that I desire oh Lord is to be colorful manifesting the vibrancy you have gifted my spirit

One thing that I desire oh Lord is for you to quench my thirst with holy waters burst. As the caretaker of my soul, speedily rid me of any weeds. Don’t let dandelions parade, pluck them from the root. No one can blow upon its stem making a wish you do not will for me. Pluck them gone

One thing that I desire oh Lord is that when someone sets their gaze on me they see the beauty my eyes met in Pink/Yellow blooms of flower beds new sprung youth, and you the gardner at hand 

One thing that I desire oh Lord is that my flower bed be kept free of dangers. No venoumus snakes, poisoned spiders, and may the water always be fresh living thriving water

Let it be that I oh Lord bring breathless to those who see all the beauty you bestowed in me, spring sprung youth. Pink/yellow overtaking that there is none of the old and only new bloom here for all to endear. 

Then in turn them wanting to yield to the same gardeners hand, the greatest in all the land. Let me be that bloom call, shouting in pink/yellow for all to take heed.

You too can take seed in this garden…